Lookbook Trends for Fall 2019

August 9, 2019

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With fashion trends constantly changing, it can be challenging to know what’s in and what’s not. Following fashion trends lets you put your own spin on popular styles, which allows you to express your individuality. Following trends is not about looking exactly like everyone else, it just makes it easy to shop for the current season. Looking for trendy plus size clothing for any season can be easy if you know exactly where to look.

Romantic Grunge 

The romantic grunge style is set to be a popular trend for the upcoming fall season. Think of the Courtney Love era back in the ’90s to gain inspiration. Romantic grunge is a sub-genre, which allows individuals to dress in grunge styles, while still looking sexy and glamorous. If you want to dress grungy, focus on lots of layers, slouchy clothing, and dark colours. To focus on the feminine, pair a long flowy dress with a leather jacket and some long pearls. You can also add a pair of black biker boots to add more angst. Other ways to rock this style include adding chokers, lots of lace, ripped jeans, and flannel shirts. 

Layered Knitwear 

Fall 2019 is going to focus a lot on layered knitwear, the more vibrant coloured the better. Not only is this style convenient for keeping warm, but layering it up also gives it a sporty vibe. You can achieve this look by wearing cropped knitted hoodies with a cashmere sweater wrapped around your neck like a scarf. You can also wear an extra-long knitted shirt as a dress and pair it with some vibrant leggings and a thick wool scarf. If you live in a warmer climate, you can still achieve this look with sleeveless knitted shirts. 

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Belted Blazers 

Adding a belt to your blazer defines your shape, creating a sexy yet professional look. The good thing about this upcoming fashion trend is that you might already have a blazer and a belt as wardrobe staples. There are numerous ways you can get on board with this trend. There are many fashion designers that put out blazers that have built-in belts. If you can’t find one of these or you want to use what you already own, it’s as simple as picking out a blazer and using a belt to keep it closed. You can use thin belts, beaded belts, extra-thick belts, or anything that goes with your outfit. The options are endless. 

Statement Outerwear 

If you want to keep trendy this coming fall, you’ll definitely want to have some statement outerwear. This can range anywhere from wool blanket coats with belts to long trench coats with wacky patterns and vibrant colours. You’ll be able to find all different types from your favorite designers. Statement coats are bold, and they allow you to get creative and help you show off your unique side. 

Lots of Lace 

Lace is popular now, and it’s expected to be more so in the fall. This trend is basically everything lace. Thin lace dresses paired with coats, lace gloves, hats, and anything else you can find. To keep warm in lace when it starts to get cold, you can wear a lace dress or top, leggings or pants, ankle boots, and top it off with a warm sweater. This lace style can be paired with the romantic grunge look if you’re looking for something more on the edgy side. 

Get creative with the upcoming fall 2019 fashion trends. Use the trends as inspiration, but allow your own style to shine through. Browse photos from the runways if you’d like to find more inspiration about how you can keep up with these trends. There’s a lot more to choose from as well. 

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