Little Food from Asda Cafe

January 31, 2012
I always seem to end up doing my food shopping around teatime (silly I know). So now when I say we are off to the shops Roo will ask if she can have little food to munch on whilst I do the shopping.
Now you are all probably scratching you heads thinking what is she on about?
Well in the Asda Cafe they have a Kids Pick & Mix selection, which offers any 5 items for £2.00 or 8 items for £3.00.
As we arrive to do the shopping we head to the cafe, grab a kids box, then I let Roo (and now Tigger) munch away in the trolley as I’m doing my shopping. Ah peace and quiet!
If Roo is just having something then 5 items is sufficient but if Tigger wants to nibble too I get the 8 item box.
(We have also grabbed these when we have been on holiday as I think they are much better than some fast food options).
A bunch of items that are on display in a store
So what can you choose from?
Great Stuff Drinks – Apple & Grape 
Great Stuff Drinks – Tropical
Great Stuff Drinks – Cherries & Berries 
Great Stuff Drinks – Orange & Pineapple 
Great Stuff Drinks – Grape & Blackcurrant 

Sandwiches (made using Warburtons Milk Roll):
Asda CBY Cooked Ham

Asda Cheese Spread Light
Great Stuff Apples 
Great Stuff Oranges 
Great Stuff Bananas 
Great Stuff Pears 
Seedless Red Grapes 
Seedless Green Grapes 
Great Stuff Mini Raisins 
Great Stuff Chunky Fruit 
Great Stuff Fruity Snack Pack 
Asda Chosen By You Mini Chocolate Animals 
Asda Chosen By You Mini Moo Cows 
Asda Cheesy Wiggles 
Asda Curls 
Asda Prawn Cocktail Shells 
Asda French Stick crisps 
Other items:
Mini Cocktail Sausage
Great Stuff Cheese Sticks
Great Stuff Fromage Frais  (various flavours)
Great Stuff Banana Sticks

Great Stuff Strawberry Sticks

All the items available are from the Asda Chosen By You & Great Stuff ranges. 

A store shelf filled with booksA refrigerator filled with food, with Roo and Tigger
Roo chose 5 items:
Ham sandwich
Cheese stick
Cherries & berries juice carton
Cheesy Wiggles crisps 
A stack of flyers on a table
Children’s boxes come with a colouring pack too,
usually given out at the till
A stack of flyers on a table
Roo loves getting her little food and I know some people may disagree with me but its great bribery too. If I really need to pop to Asda and she doesn’t want to go I’ll say ‘well if you are good I’ll get you some little food‘.
I’d love to see some mini breadsticks or crackers add to the selection. Also carrot or cucumber sticks would be nice too
Disclaimer:  I have not been paid or requested to do this post, I’m just sharing a fab meal idea for kiddies.

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