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Home Lighting Trends for 2022: Revealed

February 28, 2022

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Interiors have always been a focus for many. Lighting is such an important aspect of any room. It can set the mood and highlight the style and appearance you are going for. The truth is, lighting is so important when you design a room and renovate it. You need to consider what lighting trend you are going to go for to ensure that it will work for your room, John Lewis have a great selection of lighting to work in any room.

What are the home lighting trends for 2022?

Home Lighting Trends: John Lewis & Partners Harmony Large Ribbon Ceiling Light


One of the first big trends that you will see in 2022 is oversized light fittings. Anything oversized can become a feature in the rooms, so it works well to be the main light fitting. Oversized light fittings could be huge light fittings, or maybe larger light bulbs so that they become more of a feature themselves. Oversized light fittings are really on-trend this year and will work in many different rooms including dining, kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces. 


Another great trend for lighting is something that is bold. Bold lighting could be something large, something that stands out from the crowd, or be small but brightly coloured, uses different materials or has a unique pattern. Bold makes a statement, and for some rooms, the lighting is one of the easiest ways to do it. 

Old meets new

We have seen an old meets new trend quite a lot in recent years where you have older styles and themes be presented in modern furnished rooms. Ornate gold, candelabra styles, and retro finishes. This is still a trend that isn’t going to go away. It is a great way to add a touch of character to a modern home, allowing you to soften the overall finish. This is evident in kitchens where you have a lot of exposed bulbs, which was common decades ago. 

Home Lighting Trends: John Lewis & Partners Stockholm Rise & Fall Pendant Ceiling Light


Having subtle lighting is another thing that you could consider. A subtle lighting trend means sunken lights into the ceiling for a modern finish, or something that gives off light but isn’t a distinguishing feature, such as uplights in a bedroom or strip lighting in a living room for a modern look. Subtle lighting means that you can add features throughout the room without a focus being on a main centred light. 

Ambient lighting 

Ambient lighting is all about atmosphere, and this is going to be a huge trend for 2022. This is where you can set the mood through the lighting you choose, so dimmer switches or controlling how bright the bulbs are will be big. Choosing a warm glow with your bulb rather than a brighter light will also be a great way to focus on this trend. 

Room integration 

Lighting is a great way to bring different rooms together, so room integration is a key lighting trend for 2022. This could be where you have different lighting options that are the same throughout all of your living spaces, bringing a sense of consistency to the room designs. This will work especially well in modern homes. 

Home Lighting Trends: John Lewis & Partners Woodland Drum Shade


Textures are a key lighting trend for 2022 as you will start to notice different materials being used for light shades and light fittings. Bamboo, materials like canvas as well as different metals. Mixing these things together as well is going to be a huge design trend, and can add a unique feature to your room. Using textures and going bold and oversized will add drama and definition to your design and will bring the room to life. 

Smart lights 

There is no doubt about it, but technology is taking over, and we are now seeing a huge increase in people using smart lights. This is mostly with bulbs that can be controlled by home devices when you ask them to switch on or off, but they can also change colour and be controlled remotely. Smart lights are a great option for the modern home and can help you to add another feature to your smart home. 

Eco-friendly lighting 

We can’t get away from the fact that we all need to be a little more eco-friendly with how we run our homes, and lighting is one of the biggest factors of energy use. Lights are on a lot, especially during the winter months when the days are shorter, so a focus on changing bulbs to energy effect ones will be a big lighting trend for 2022. Making the switch is easy, and you will likely not notice any difference. Gone are the days when you would see a difference in the light that an energy-saving bulb would give off, and you can now be assured that you are saving money while still maintaining the light in your home. 

Home Lighting Trends: John Lewis & Partners Stockholm Easy-to-Fit Ceiling Shade


A simple charm is a great approach to your home and a big trend for 2022 when it comes to your lighting. Simple means a focus on less is more. While we have shared trends of bold and textures, if those sorts of things wouldn’t suit the finish of your home or you love a more understated finish, then a simplistic approach to your lighting will keep you on-trend. Clean lines, modern finish, no-frills, just simple lighting will work in most rooms whether functional or bedroom space. Embrace the simplistic look with your lighting. 

Black and brass finishes 

Finally, the last lighting trend to share with you is more focused on colour. This is where a black and brass finish is a key design trend in most areas of the home, especially with lighting. Metallic and modern, a black and brass finish will give any room a very tasteful finish. It can feel and look very opulent and expensive, without it needing to cost a fortune. It gives a touch of luxury and also embraces a Scandinavian design appeal, which would suit most homes. It is a great alternative to the usual silver and gold metallic finishes we have seen a lot of in recent years. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you embrace some of the best lighting trends for 2022.

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