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July 21, 2018

How many times during the day do you just wish that you had a little bit more help? Being a parent is an amazing job, but it’s a never-ending one that takes a lot of time. While the obvious answer is that your children and your family always come first, there are some days when it’s hard to find the balance to juggle everything that you have to do for work, home, and family. The good news? There is help out there in the form of something that you may already be using in your home each and every day. Google Home may be just the cry for help that you’re needing.

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Using Google Home as a family

Google Home is exciting to be branching out and offering a brand new experience for families. If you currently use Google Assistant and Google Home, you’re preparing yourself to be able to transition seamlessly to the Google Home additions.

With Google Assistant, you can ask questions, directions, set alarms and play music, all with ease and very little effort on your part. Google Home also lets you “run” your home with ease by setting up reminders, schedules, and controlling things around your home by just using the sound of your voice. Not only are those features great, but Google has expanded those features and created four apps specifically for families to be able to engage, learn, play and communicate through listening or speaking to one another, all with the combined use of Google Home.

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Voice Interaction

Simply by using voice interaction inside your home (or wherever you may be), you’ll have the ability to unlock educational games and information, bedtime stories, fun games and other experiences that are perfect for you and your family to find some quality, fun bonding time. 

Motivating and interacting with the children

Do you find that you need help motivating or reminding your child to get up out of bed and get started on their daily routines? Google Home can help with that! There are games and songs that can help with potty training, healthy eating, the importance of brushing teeth and so many other things that you may want to tell and teach your child throughout the days.

For school-aged children, Google Home can help with reading comprehension, vocabulary, daily routines, and listening abilities. With all of the amazing interactive options, your child will love being able to ask and learn as well!

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Searching for answers

The ease of using these new apps is 100% simple. No need to hop online and search for the answers or try to find whatever book in your home or library. You simply have to speak and say, “Hey Google, tell me a story about…” and you and your child will have instant access to classics like Beauty & the Beast and other childhood favourites.

Feel like playing a game? “Hey Google, play a song so we can play musical chairs.” Just like that, you’ve created a game for you and your children to enjoy!

The great part about using these new apps on Google Home is that you can literally use these features anywhere throughout your entire home. Why not start using Google Home as a way to increase the connection with your family through the use of knowledge and activities? It’s the perfect addition to any families home!

Google Home // Where Can I Buy?

The Google Home Smart Speaker is priced at £129 and available to buy from the Google Store or leading electrical retailers.

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