How to Light Outdoor Spaces

How to Light Outdoor Spaces

September 27, 2022


Well-planned outdoor lighting, besides being functional, can contribute to the decoration of the space and also to the security of the property. Whether in residential environments, buildings, offices or restaurants, it is possible to make the lighting more interesting.

A good lighting design has the power to transform decorations and add life to environments, even for outdoor areas. In addition to being functional, lighting outdoor areas smartly serves to increase the safety of the property and also contributes to the decoration of the space, making it more inviting.

Create a welcoming and safe environment

Outdoor areas are usually dedicated to moments of socialising and entertainment, both during the day and at night. Residents and visitors of all ages occupy backyards, gardens, balconies and the pool area always on special occasions. For these reasons, the lighting design must promote the feeling of hospitality and safety. Scenic lighting is great for decorative purposes, but you must not forget that the lights for locomotion is especially important for safety at night.

How to Light Outdoor Spaces

Choose special outdoor appliances and accessories

When considering designing your outdoor area, give preference to lights specially developed for this purpose. There are many options, such as sconces, torches, reflectors, posts, beacons, ceiling pendants and spotlights, among other elements that can brighten up the outside of your home.

The lighting market is very broad, so it is not always easy to find the right lighting for decoration. Knowing the main types of lights and their functionality is important to choose the best option for your outdoor lighting needs. Understanding light and lamp temperatures also helps during the purchasing process. It is the lighting temperature that can influence the environment.

Consider the floor when choosing outdoor lights

Do not choose your outdoor lighting fixtures randomly. Consider all the elements in the area, especially the floor. If it’s a brick or pebble floor, for example, choose a white lamppost. If the floor is grassy, with dark stones or wooden decks, the most suitable may be to invest in black lampposts. This seemingly simple detail will make all the difference.

How to Light Outdoor Spaces

Find out the best positioning for lighting

Defining the position of lights means choosing which points of the outdoor area call for the presence of light and how much intensity. It is important to remember that our eyes need less light in open places, so focus on the points that need to be lit. Corridors, pathways, driveways, garages, steps, decks, gardens and pools are some examples that need your attention.

Corridors and pathways need to be illuminated in a welcoming and safe way. As well as decorating, this lighting helps people find their way around. In gardens, more directional lighting points help to make the environment increasingly pleasant. The lights can be installed on the ground, facing upwards, helping to brighten the rest of the environment indirectly.

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