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Making Your Home Appear More Spacious

November 2, 2019

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If you live in a small house then you will be familiar with the feeling of always being cramped in. It can be difficult to live in such a space, firstly for the practicalities of not having much space, but also it can be depressing and claustrophobic at times. While you can go down the route of trying to make a small space feel cosy and comfortable, you may well want to try and create more of a feeling of spaciousness. 

There are a number of ways that you can help yourself to get a home that will feel much more spacious. You could find new storage solutions,  declutter, and there are also ways to give the impression of space in your home. 

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Using Light To Create A Sense Of Space

By bringing in as much light into a home as possible it can help to make it feel much more open and inviting. Think about removing any heavy curtains that close windows off and avoid using netting. Think about getting bigger windows if you are able to. 

Folding doors onto an outside space is an excellent idea. These provide a wider view onto an outside space such as your garden and will make the room instantly feel bigger. The doors will all folding when they are open too which means that they don’t take up much space in the room. 

One way to create a feeling of more space in your home would be to have a roof lantern installed. This is a great way of letting in lots more light into a room, which will suddenly allow everything to feel more open and spacious. 

Decorating your home using light colours will also help. Use as much white as possible as this will reflect any light coming in really well. 

Think about the light fixtures that you currently have. If you have a dark or bulky lampshade that blocks out the tops or side of the lightbulb, you will find that your room will feel shorter because of the shadows created by the shade. Avoid uplighting lamps on your walls too as these also create shadows that will make the room feel small. 

Use Space Saving Solutions

Buy furniture that has additional storage hidden within it. You can buy beds and sofas that have drawers under them and if they are well designed you will be able to store quite a lot of stuff. 

Make use of the whole of your walls when it comes to shelving. Having a floor to ceiling wall unit will help to remove the need for lots of smaller cupboards. With sliding doors over these, you will be able to conceal your items inside so your room will appear less cluttered. 


Over a long period of time, your home will amass a lot of clutter. This can often get pushed away and forgotten about. But going through it all and seeing what you don’t need anymore can help you to create more space in your home. 

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