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The Month That Was… November 2019

December 1, 2019

Coming from a family of birthdays all in the same month you would have thought that when I cam to have my own children that I would attempt to spread them across the year. However, that would be the sensible thought out plan but instead, we have all three birthdays in one month. Swiftly followed by the December festivities. Which this year seems to have dripped into the end of November.

The month that was… November

Boo and What The Dad Said

Amongst the real-life issues that are waving at us from the wings, we have fun this month. A testament to our family unit, we have knuckled down and made the most of things. We’ve been attempting to juggle the time with have with the children at weekends around their birthdays, holidays and Roo’s rehearsal schedule. We even managed to kick start the festive season early with a trip to Willows Activity Farm, which had been on our family bucket list for some time.


It’s official we have a teenager in the house, with Roo celebrating her 13th birthday at the beginning of the month. Celebrating with some of her school friends with a sleepover the weekend before the big day. As well as a meal out at the Pancake & Waffle Shack after school. Somewhere that each time we drive passed she mentioned that she’d love to go. It wasn’t the most amazing food experience of we’re honest and sadly not the big family affair as in previous years. But we still managed to make the most of her special day.

Alongside her birthday she has been busy with rehearsals for Grease as well as several Netball matches. Although I think one of her highlights this month was getting to take her very first driving lesson courtesy of Young Driver.


Just as Roo left the tween years behind her, Tigger stepped to take her place, With him celebrating his 9th birthday days after Roo’s birthday. Although this year was a little different for his birthday celebrations as we headed to Butlins for the WWE Minehead weekend. Not booked especially for his birthday, just a happy coincidence but still a wonderful way to celebrate his birthday.

At school, he was invited to take part in a coding club which he has been loving. Combining his love of LEGO, gaming and coding. He even managed to squeeze in an impromptu trip to Bricklive which was literally booked that morning and he headed off with What The Dad Said to be there in the afternoon.


Just like her siblings, Piglet also managed to celebrate her birthday this month. Just like the Princess that she is, it was a Princess filled affair, With a trip to Disney On Ice the weekend before her birthday. Then heading to the cinema to watch Frozen 2 in IMAX. What a wonderful way to celebrate turning four.

It’s been a relatively quiet month for Piglet as she had been poorly for the first week or two. Including during our trip to Butlins which meant she missed out on some of the activities. However, she did manage to enjoy some swimming.

How was your November?

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