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Life In Lockdown | Chasing My Tail {Week 47}

February 7, 2021

Do you ever have weeks where you are constantly chasing your tail and not managing to accomplish anything? This has been my life in lockdown week, a battle of spinning plates in an attempt to keep on top of things or catch up on things that I haven’t achieved. Although as I sit down to share with you another life in lockdown diary, there are still so many things left for me to complete.

Sacred time

As busy as life is, as full as my to-do list is and as random as my work schedule is there are sacred times in my week that I’m not willing to give up. Coming from someone who has previously worked tirelessly to the point of exhaustion (and almost breakdown) I know that I can’t continue like that long term. So I made myself a promise that my evening and for the most part my weekends too would be set aside free from work.

Whilst I can’t control my work shifts, I can control my urge to check emails, social media and the completion of blog tasks only during the day. Initially, the thought of having emails unanswered or not actioned sent me into a tizzy but if my blog were a standard 9-5 affair for an employer, I wouldn’t be expected to work long into the evenings and throughout the weekends – so I’m not.

Am I being selfish? Quite possibly, but it is what my wellbeing and work/life balance needs.

Life In Lockdown - Captain Tom Moore
Painting Captain Tom Moore at Tib Street

Captain Sir Tom Moore

The sad news that Captain Sir Tom Moore had passed away this week filtered through whilst I was at work. A remarkable man who gave so much to this country in a variety of different ways. He leaves behind an amazing legacy and his family and all who knew him should be incredibly proud.

Supermarket tales

It’s funny to see how people observe the Coronavirus guidelines in their everyday lives. Ensuring that they stand two metres apart as the queue to get into the supermarket. Yet as soon as they cross the threshold all bets are off and social distancing is a distant memory. The somewhat familiar sights of pushing past others to get down an aisle to the reaching over to grab products in front of others including supermarket workers who are exposed to this throughout their shifts.

The best one has to be how it is suddenly OK to stop, stand and chat with others,. Not just a quick hello, hope you’re doing well etc. Nope, the full-on coffee morning catch up. Standing close to each other, blocking aisles and not allowing workers to get on with their duties. Then the passive-aggressive comments about how they must go otherwise they’ll get told off as they look you in the eye.

The supermarket is not a chance for you to have a catch up. You’re only supposed to be heading out for essentials – please keep your distance, wear your mask and stop blocking aisles with your chatterings.

School year write-off

Something I have been pondering for a while is whether or not we should be writing off this school year. With the children having missed three half terms worth of schooling last year. And sent to lose a similar amount this year so far.

Whilst I have no idea in the practicalities of getting children, teachers and schools to re-take the whole school year again. I do wonder if this would be better for the children’s academic needs, the teachers’ sanity and workload juggling keyworker children and live online lessons for those learning from home.

I understand that the schools are doing their best to help children stay up to date. But surely we can all agree that the children are not being challenged to their full potential. These are their formative years and we need to ensure we are doing the best for them, even if it does mean that they need to repeat a full school year.

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