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The Benefits of Having a Gift Closet

February 8, 2021

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Gift-giving is something of a bittersweet experience for most of us. On the one hand, we love celebrating our friends and loved ones with presents that they’ll love. On the other hand, it’s an absolute headache when we realise that we’ve once again forgotten to buy someone, and someone’s “special occasion” is just around the corner. 

So, how do you reduce those periods of anxiety? Make yourself a gift closet. Creating a gift closet means having a bit of space aside in your home where you stock things that would make the “perfect gift” for someone, which you can use later. You can grab extra items in sales, or when you have a little extra money, and avoid the headaches later. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of having your own gift closet. 

Why is Having a Gift Closet a Good Idea?

If you’ve ever wished that you just had a secret stash of gifts somewhere that you can turn to when you’re struggling to get something last minute – then you need a gift closet. A gift closet saves money and time, taking the strain out of the gift-giving process. The benefits include:

  • A chance to save money: Who doesn’t want to save more cash? Having a gift closet means that you can grab items when they’re in the sale, or when you have voucher codes to reduce the overall cost. It’s a great way to cut the overall expense associated with getting something delivered last minute. 
  • Opportunities to save time: Have you ever been planning a relaxing weekend after work, then suddenly realised you have an anniversary to shop for? It can really ruin your day. With a closet full of gifts already prepared, you don’t have to worry about spending your day anyway other than how you choose. There are no last-minute rushes to the store. 
  • Reduced stress: You don’t have to panic and spend hours thinking about what you could get this person that they don’t already have. Just pick the gift that’s most suitable for the person out of your existing stash. 
  • Always be prepared: Wonder what it would feel like to be not caught off guard by a birthday or a similar experience? It’s a great sensation. Your gift closet will ensure that you’re ready for anything, so you can get on with the rest of your life. 
The Benefits of Having a Gift Closet

So, What Do You Need for a Gift Closet?

Ultimately, all you need for a good gift closet, is somewhere you can store your gifts until you need them. This could be an actual closet, or it could be a bag or box that you keep in a spare room, out of the way of yourself, and your kids. A sturdy storage box is a good idea to avoid any damage to the gifts before you start handing them out. 

Once you’ve got somewhere to store your gifts, you can start filling the closet. This is the toughest part of preparing your gift-giving experience because you need to decide what kind of products to stock up on. If you see something that’s perfect for a specific friend or relative, then that can definitely go in there. However, you might grab some “all-round” presents that anyone might like too. 

For instance, basic gifts like candles and bath spa sets can often come in handy when you’re treating your friends to something small. You could also store some gift cards away for later use, and stock up on things like wrapping paper and bags that you might need to make the gift even more exciting later on. If you have kids, definitely grab a few toys for both boys and girls that you can add to the set. 

The Benefits of Having a Gift Closet

Get your Gift Closet Ready to Go

Initially, you might start with only a handful of items in your gift closet. has some great ideas if you’re looking to plan ahead for events throughout the year. However, once it’s ready to go, you can simply pick items up whenever you see something that’s on sale, or great for someone in your life. Gradually, you’ll get used to the habit of buying gifts when it makes sense to you, rather than buying them because you’ve once again forgotten until the last minute. 

For an extra bonus, keep a calendar in your gift closet with all the upcoming birthdays and celebrations you need to remember. That way, if you take something out of the box, you’ll be able to see whether it’s important that you replace that item soon. 

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