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Let A Love Of Reading Infect Your Family

May 17, 2017

Books are important for all of us. Even more so for our children. Through a love of reading, they’ll learn, develop empathy, and see the world through other’s eyes. Yet, if they fail to catch the reading bug in childhood, they’re less likely to find it when they’re older. That’s why you should do everything to get your kids reaching for the bookshelves. You can find out how to spark the love on sites like http://www.multiplemayhemmamma.com. But that’s not what we’re going to look at. Instead, we’re going to focus on how to incorporate that love of reading into your home. After all, they’ll soon lose interest if there’s no place for books in the house. That’s why you need to incorporate a library into the space you have. Here are a few things to consider before you do.

Let A Love Of Reading Infect Your Family

A group of stuffed animals sitting next to a man


We’ve already spoken briefly about the benefits of reading. But, why do you need a library? It’s a good question. Wouldn’t it be better to use the public library? It’s less space, less money, and you’d be supporting a good cause. While all these are valid points, nothing can beat a home library. A lot of book lovers cherish their collections because of sentimental value. Many readers can tell you when and where they read a certain book. Having that same copy on their shelves can mean a lot. So, having a home library could help your kids harbor a reading love they take forward with them.


Often, our homes are crowded enough. Add a library into the equation, and things get worse. Bear in mind that you don’t need to set aside a specific room for this. If you have a spare room to use then great. But, don’t worry if not. All you need to do is get creative. Do you have a corner in which you can fit shelves? Or, perhaps you have a cupboard you could dedicate to the pursuit? Under stair cupboards make perfect reading nooks. You could even take your quest outside. Sheds like those found at http://www.ilikesheds.com could become reading havens away from home. Bear in mind that books are fragile. Make sure to damp proof your shed and install insulation to limit damage! Oh, and make sure to spend plenty of time there, too. Your children may not go there of their own accord. But, if the whole family’s in there, they’ll worry about missing out!

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But, when should you get a library, and when should you use it? Many people avoid getting a library until they’re sure they have enough books to fill it. This is a problematic way of going about things. You won’t be able to collect enough books to fill it because you won’t have space. Within reason, you don’t want to refuse your kids a book when they ask for one. So, get that library as soon as possible. You can always fill the shelves with plants and ornaments while you wait to fill them!

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