A teddy bear sitting on top of a book

The Magic Of My Name Book

May 8, 2017

I have a bit of a reputation for giving pyjamas and books as gifts. Pyjamas as well you can never have too many pairs (plus there is something wonderful about slipping on a new pair). Books are the gift that keeps on giving, with it being pulled from the bookshelf time and time again.

A while back I came across a wonderful idea for a baby shower, Christening or a first birthday. Instead of purchasing traditional gifts family and friends were asked to bring a book for the child. A fantastic way to introduce them to some classic stories and favourite fairy tales.

With this in mind, ‘The Magic Of My Name Book‘ seems like the perfect gift idea. A beautifully personalised book that showcases the magic behind the child’s name.

The Magic Of My Name Book

A teddy bear sitting on top of a book

The book is able to be personalised with the child’s name, characteristics (boy/girl and a choice of four characters) also a personalised message. So you can make it a truly special gift for the child and one that they can treasure for years to come.

The story follows the child at bedtime who asks her mum why she is called her name. Her mom replies that her name has a very special meaning that she’s be happy to tell her about but not tonight. As the child falls asleep a bright shining light appears, brighter than a shooting star. It asks the child if they would like to find out about their name and takes them on a magical journey.

M and Name

The child enters the magical tree trunk and is transported to a magical land where she meets various characters along the way. Whilst interacting with the characters they slowly spell out the letters contained in her name. Each one pointing out characteristics from her personality. As the night draws to an end she returns home and her bed.

Upon waking she doesn’t remember the adventure. Slowly it all starts to come back to her as her Mum comes to get her up for the day. Declaring ‘Mum! Now I know the magic of my name!’.

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Price and Availability

The Magic of my Name personalised books are priced at £23.99 for a hardback book.


To help celebrate the magic of your little one’s name, Boo Roo and Tigger Too is lucky enough to have one personalised copy of The Magic of my Name book to giveaway (winner to confirm the name and personalised detail).

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below:

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