A person sitting at a table with a plate of food, with Coffee

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee: café au… less lait

June 16, 2018
Oh gosh, the weather. Still glorious, isn’t it? Can we just bask in how beautiful these days have been? Sure, there’s a shower or too pottering about, but temps are set to hit highs again over the next week or so. Garden parties, ahoy. Iced latte in hand, right? No, you don’t have to make it. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee does all the hard work for you. You just enjoy your barbie. I know, too good to be true. If you don’t do milk or dairy, and so you couldn’t possibly buy cartons of chilled latte. Well, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has got a treat and a half in store for you! A person sitting at a table with a plate of food, with Coffee

café au… less lait

Whether you’re vegan, veggie, doing things green and clean, or you just don’t do dairy, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee offers a failproof solution. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Oat Latte, as the name suggests, ditches the dairy for oats to create a gorgeously smooth coffee hit that is every plant-lovers dream. Not everyone is vegan or veggie. But with many more of us being diagnosed with a dairy intolerance it can be hard to resist your favourite dairy-based drink but can’t deal with the bloat that comes with intaking dairy products. Especially in the summertime – when you want to feel cool, calm and collected – a reaction to dairy can leave you feeling hefty. The heat becomes unbearable. A person sitting at a table eating pizza Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Oat Latte has got coffee lovers covered, minus the milk. Get the family around, pop some ice in a glass, and crack open a few cartons over a leisurely afternoon chat. I must say when Mr Boo tried this for the first time he was pleasantly surprised. As a huge fan of coffee, its great to see that it’s made from freshly ground beans, right there and then. While Jimmy’s Iced Coffee uses the highest quality of Arabica beans, sought from all the way over in Huila, Columbia, he was a little dubious. A person holding a green bottle One sip and any doubt will drift from your mind. Sweet, flavourful, aromatic. What more could you want from a coffee, dairy-free or otherwise?  Whether you’re arranging a BBQ get together with family or friends, you’re heading out on a summer picnic, or you’re popping out for the day and need a gorgeous grab and go dairy-free drink, this is the one. Every time.

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