Ideas for planning a child’s costume party

August 1, 2015

Kids love to play dress-up, so if you’re planning a party for your child you might want to think about making it a fancy dress party. A bit more planning is needed if you go with this type of theme, but never fear; you can use the following tips to keep it simple. To get started, you’ll first need to think about the type of theme you want to choose.

Party and Costume

Picking a theme

Picking a theme is generally better than deciding to make it a general fancy dress party, because this way parents know exactly what’s expected. However, you can choose a fairly general theme that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. A theme can be as simple as choosing your child’s favourite colour – for example, if your little boy loves green then guests could come dressed in anything of this hue. Some other examples of themes could include fairies, princesses, superheroes, pirates, or garden parties. Choose something age-appropriate that your child would enjoy.


Although invitations are always an important component of any child’s party, they are particularly important for costume parties! If you aren’t clear on the invite about what the theme is and that fancy dress is encouraged, then you might have a few kids not getting the memo and feeling left out. Because a little bit more planning is required, send out invites a few weeks in advance so that parents have time to pick up Star Wars fancy dress at Funidelia or sew a butterfly costume as needed. When you choose invitations, find or make ones that fit the theme. Remember, this will be the first opportunity to set the party’s theme and tone for your guests!

Planning the costumes

When throwing a kid’s costume party, you need to think about a bit more than just what your child will wear! It’s always a good idea to have a few spares on hand, just in case any child does turn up without one. You don’t want anyone to feel embarrassed or left out, so stock a few extra simple Spiderman costumes just in case! Another thing to bear in mind with kids is that they have a tendency to lose bits and pieces of their costumes throughout the duration of the party – so don’t be surprised if you have spare glitter wings or top hats scattered throughout the house at the end. Try to find their owners later using the RSVP list and photos taken during the party.

Food and Decorations

As the big day arrives, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your party planning. You can keep the theme going with the food and drink by choosing a decorated cake or sandwiches cut out into special shapes. Feel free to go wild with the decorations, either making them yourself or choosing pre-packaged ones. These will depend on your theme. For a garden party, string up flowered garlands, while for an outer space party you could cover the walls in tinfoil.

These are just a few considerations that will help smooth over your party planning and ensure that your next child’s costume party is a raging success!

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