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Support At Every Stage Of Having A Kid

March 22, 2019

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Motherhood can be strange, ridiculous, embarrassing, exhausting, and lonely. The isolation of being a mom is at odds with never having any time alone. You often spend entire days planning, worrying and focusing on raising a tiny person. Out of those feelings grow beauty and art. Some moms take amazing photos of their little ones, others pour out their feelings into a blog, and still more create a beautifully decorated home.

No matter how you express the joy of motherhood, there’s no doubt it’s an incredibly creative process. Here are five blogs that will validate what it feels like to be a mom while inspiring you to experience the joys of motherhood.

Experience the joys of motherhood

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For a sense of connection

If you feel alone and want to connect with others going through the same things, you’ll have a lot of good choices. Scary Mommy regularly posts funny motherhood stories and features trending topics from new writers. Stay at Home Mum blogs about money saving ideas, cooking, cleaning, and parenting in Australia. Hollywood Mom Blog is about parenting a professional child actor and navigating raising a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Find those who help fix the world

Whether your passion is the environment, healthy eating, or world politics, there is a group of moms who share your goal to change the world. Get up to speed on Moms Demand Action, Healthy Moms Magazine, or Real Mom Nutrition. The women who participate are extraordinary, and the love and devotion they show one another is truly awe-inspiring.

Looking for creative people

That Crazy Craft Mum is for makers of all kinds to share their art and creativity, and Welcome Geek Mamas is dedicated to the intersection of parenting and cosplay where the house is already full of action figures, and superhero costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Bumps n Baby is the leading parenting blog in India that features baby food recipes, as well as weight loss, diet, and nutrition tips.

Parent and Pregnancy

If your experience isn’t linear

Not every mom has a steady path to pregnancy or motherhood. Those who need support and community as surrogates share the unique dream of helping someone experience motherhood on the ConceiveAbilities Blog. Finding that these women support one another through an unusual, emotional journey just reiterated to me how much I appreciate what women are willing to do for one another.

Before you become pregnant

You wouldn’t believe how many women who want kids struggle to have them. More than 6 million couples in the US cannot become pregnant. These couples are dealing with causes that range from genetic disorders, previous treatment for cancer, compromised organs, or the inability to carry a baby to term. At beingtheparent.com, the community supports new parents, expectant parents and actively trying parents.


No matter what journey you take toward motherhood, there is a group of people who will help you celebrate, mourn, and get through each day. By sharing stories, feelings, pictures, and building a community, you’ll learn that you’re not as isolated as you thought. Whether your passion is home décor, photography, cooking, animals, or something else, you’re sure to find a tribe of supportive people online who share your interests. Becoming a mother permanently alters your life, and you’ll be glad you have a new group to share the adventure.

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