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July 27, 2020

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Hello to all Boo Roo and Tigger Too followers, Head Bear from Bears4U here with you today chatting all things babies! We hope you’ve all found lockdown life ok and we are sending some extra bear hugs to all the new Mums out there, you are doing an amazing job, parenting can be hard at the best of times but the lockdown has definitely seen some added pressures to most.

what to think about when you’re selecting a gift for a new arrival

We’re here to talk gifts today, and since there is so much choice out on the internet these days we thought we would give you some pointers on what to think about when you’re selecting a gift for a new arrival, as well as ideas on what to buy. It can be a daunting prospect picking a gift for a baby there are a lot of factors to take into account 

Before you pick its worth bearing in mind a few points; 

Is it safe?

You want your gift to be safe – button eyes and loose parts are a no-no. Babies love soft toys, and something that can withstand being sucked and chewed and cuddled a lot is important. A toy that is safe also gives parents, (especially first-time parents) peace of mind. 

Is it washing machine friendly

It’s useful if the soft toy you buy is washable; children so often want to take their most treasured items everywhere with them. Parks, farms and walks will more often than not result in mud when you live in the UK, so something you can bung in the washing machine is incredibly useful!


Babies are very tactile and love comfort. The world can be a strange place when you’ve been living in the dark of a womb for nine months and something soft to cuddle whilst feeding can offer extra comfort. As a baby grows and turns into a toddler a soft toy can provide extra comfort when they are feeling worried or nervous about certain situations. They can also be used to comfort them back to sleep at night time


Picking a gift that is memorable is important, you want to select something that is special and can be treasured forever. Something that can transcend from babyhood to toddlerhood easily and isn’t simply going to be left forgotten on a shelf. The cute factor helps this, as well as selecting a favourite animal.

A reasonable price

Selecting a gift that is special doesn’t need to break the bank, a reasonably priced gift can be just as special, in fact, something that can be hugged tight and thrown about will be much more priceless to a child than an expensive gift! 

So what to pick?

When it comes to the actual gift we suggest picking something that you like, that you think is cute and that meets all the criteria above. You may want to consider the colour of the baby’s nursery. Some parents may like something classic for their child, others may want something a bit whacky! 

1st Bears

A first bear is a unique and special gift. Pick something classic and timeless in a neutral colour and which can match with any nursery décor. Simplicity is key when it comes to a 1st bear, and most come with stitched features making them safe for newborns and toddlers. You could also go for something timeless like Winne the Pooh or Paddington Bear. 

Baby comforters

A comforter is an ideal gift for a newborn, a soft toy/blanket hybrid that can easily be tucked into a changing bag for out and about, or popped into the pram for naps. There are many colours and styles to choose from and a wide range of different animals including rabbits, sheep, pandas, dogs and penguins. Baby comforters are safe for newborns and toddlers alike…we even know a few adults who still have their comforter! 


Cute, cuddly, colourful…if its these qualities that you are after in your gift then a cubbie should be right up your street! Cubbies are soft toy animals with big loveable faces and are very appealing to young children. A cubbie makes a great gift because they serve every practicality listed above but they also make the very best friend for a child. Sitting by the cot while the baby is small and sitting amongst their favourite toys as they grow up. Loveable and huggable, we love cubbies! 

Joy for all the family

Selecting a gift for a baby should be an enjoyable experience, gift-giving is one of our favourite things and seeing the delight on someone’s face when they open up a present is such a joy. Buying a gift for a baby also brings great joy to parents as we’re showing our love and care. 

At Bears4U we have a vast selection of soft toys for babies, toddlers and adults alike. We pride ourselves on our quality and we can also personalise all the bears that we stock. Our toys come beautifully packaged and at the moment they all come with free packaging and a card. We’re always on hand to answer questions if you’re unsure of what to select and we LOVE seeing children playing with our bears and soft toys. 

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