if you're short on Autumn fun ideas and need some friendly pointers, look no further than the autumn activities for kids and parents in this guide. 

Top Autumn Fun with Kids

September 27, 2023

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The leaves are starting to fall from trees, and the nights are getting darker. Yep, Autumn is here. 

Although Autumn isn’t as fun as summer, there are still lots of fun and exciting activities that you can do with your kids, from having your own bonfire party to going on epic cinema trips. 

So, if you’re short on Autumn fun ideas and need some friendly pointers, look no further than the autumn activities for kids and parents in this guide. 

Autumn activities for kids

Top Autumn Fun with Kids

Host a Bonfire Party at Home

Bonfire night is one of the most beloved autumn activities in the UK. 

Every 5th of November, you get to enjoy a night full of explosions, warm fires, tasty treats, and more. When you think about it, what more could you ask for? It’s what kids dream about! 

This year, though, you should host your own bonfire party at home instead of going down to your local pub or firework display. By hosting your own bonfire party, you can add a little bit of fun to the occasion while also getting your kids involved with picking and choosing the fireworks. 

If you don’t have any fireworks stocked away somewhere, visit www.galacticfireworks.co.uk and get all of the fireworks you need. Once they arrive, you can set up an amazing fireworks display in your back garden for the entire family to enjoy. Plus, you can even invite some neighbours around to enjoy the spectacle, too. Just make sure you know how to light the fireworks correctly!

Go Bird Watching 

Autumn is a great time to go bird watching in the nearby woods. Here, you can take a camera with you to try and capture some photos of the birds you spot, such as robins and fieldfares. If your kids enjoy doing this, it might even inspire them to start doing photography as a hobby. 

Top Autumn Fun with Kids

Explore Hiking Trails

Despite the fact that the weather is much cooler in Auttum, you can still have a lot of fun exploring different hiking trails. But before you do this, make sure to wear suitable hiking clothing and plan your routes carefully, as you don’t want to accidentally get lost while hiking. 

Remember, if there are no hiking trails near you, you can make a day trip. Simply gather your family in the car, pack all the essentials you need, and drive to the hiking spot you want to explore the most. There are plenty of popular ones to choose from, including the likes of Lizard Peninsula and Hadrian’s Wall Path, so go ahead and make your choice.

Have Fun Cinema Nights

This Autumn, there’s going to be a nice variety of cartoon movies, comedies, and horrors across most cinemas. Simply ask your kids which movies they want to see, book the tickets, and head down to your nearest cinema for a blast! After all, there’s nothing better than a fun cinema night with the entire family. You can even allow your kids to bring some of their friends along, too. 

Top Autumn Fun with Kids

Decorate the Interior of Your Home 

If the weather is especially bad one weekend, you should spend some time decorating the interior of your home, such as adding new décor to the parts of your home that need sprucing up a little. This is something that your kids will definitely enjoy, particularly if you let them choose some of the décor themselves.

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