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How to add personality to your outdoor space

March 20, 2017

It’s important to me that our outdoor space is somewhere that little ones can play, but adults can enjoy too. Our garden is a family area, but although it’s mainly designed with every-day needs and practicality in mind, it should also be a comforting and calming environment. With this in mind, I thought I’d use today’s blog post to give you all a handful of ways that you can add those little, personal touches to your living space…

How to add personality to your outdoor space

A vase of flowers on a table

Add a waterproof rug

Whether you have a stone patio or a wooden decked area, you can always add a durable, water-resistant rug to give your outdoor space an instant lift. Go for vibrant colours and quirky patterns to really draw the eye and transform your space. The only thing with these accessories is that you need to care for them correctly. They’ll be far more hardwearing than indoor rugs, but you’ll still need to clean up spills quickly, vacuum them regularly and check them frequently for any damage. You can read a handy article on this here.

Now add more colour

You can decide to go crazy with a patch-work colour scheme outside, or you could base your theme off the tones in your new rug. Use these key colours as highlights throughout the rest of your seating area, with blankets, fade-resistant cushions and miniature planters on your coffee table. You can even use family photographs outside, via the new HD metal photo print technique. Pick a photograph that complements the theme you’re trying to create, and use a company like Hello Canvas who print images onto scratch-resistant, waterproof aluminum sheets.

Functional, funky furniture

Adding a luxurious seating area is a must for any outdoor space, but it doesn’t have to be a boring bench or sad-looking sofa. You need it to be hard-wearing, but think about how you’ll use it. If you have the storage space, opt for something with colourful, plush cushions that can be detached when the weather is not so lovely. If you need to be able to just leave it outside, opt for a vintage, wrought-iron bench, or go sleek and modern with a dark wood finish. Go with whatever suits your style!

Forget typical plant pots

You no longer have to stick to dull terracotta plant pots to house your exotic plant life – you can pretty much turn any item into a planter these days, so pick whichever one gives you the effect you’re looking for. It could be a cast-iron dairy jug picked up from a car boot sale, or for a really cool design, take an old tea set that you don’t intend to use anymore, and use each item as a miniature planter. Then, set out the tea-set in your rockery or similar for a tea party with a twist.

I hope you enjoyed this post; if you have any creative thoughts of your own, please feel free to tell me about them in the space below.

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