A living room filled with furniture and a large window

How Your Own Space Can Help Actualize You As A Person

April 1, 2019

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Our environments dictate who we are to a very large extent. Simple matters such as how tidy and clean your bedroom is as you wake can help you feel a cleaner and smoother start to the day, as if your mental organization is there in full. So you can imagine just how the scope of our homes, the energy that runs throughout them and the utility they provide can also help decide our personalities to a larger degree.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

It’s important to consider how your own space can help actualize you as a person. No matter if you’re the head of a family, you live alone, or you’ve finally decided to branch out and stop living with toxic flatmates, simply getting away from one negative situation and living in another can be worthwhile. We might notice this when we move away from our childhood home, and start to understand that our own standards are perhaps much more peaceful and realistic than the intense limitations placed on us and our personalities as children.

We would like to explore this topic, and also provide tips to help you further work towards this positive outcome:

Your Personality

It’s important to host your personality within your home, or the matched personalities between you and those you live with, be that a friend, a sibling or a romantic interest. For example, if you have a true interest in movies, why not purchase movie memorabilia, or frame lit posters of beautiful movies in times-gone-by? A little care and appreciation to represent your hobbies, interests, achievements and things you’er proud of can help the space reflect your personality. It gives you a sense of authorship you might wish to grow. A simple collection of your artwork on a wall, contributed to slowly can demonstrate how you’re growing as an artist, for example. Let your personality shine.

Moving Away

It can often be the case that we don’t know who we are without a little alone time. Some people haven’t been alone in a home once in their lives, at least as a residential staus. Moving away can often help you decompress from your childhood, your social experiences, and everything surrounding you. It can give you more of an understanding as to who you are, and what you might want from the future. This kind of voluntary alone time is different to loneliness, and can actually be quite healthy provided you do intend to return to normality. It can help you stop pretending to be someone you’re not, and can help you start to learn personal responsibility. That’s wortwhile.

The Process

If you’ve lived away once, and found an apartment once, you can do it again. It might be that viewing the lowest home loan rates could help you find a home in the future, and thanks to this and your experience you’ll be more keen to search and know when the time is right. Living on your own or in a responsible capacity is much more than simply learning to ‘adult,’ it’s learning to be a person and feel more direction in your life, generated solely by you.

With these tips, you’re sure to allow your home space to actualize you as a person.

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