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How to Make Buying a Home Less of a Hassle

August 14, 2019

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Buying a home is a hassle. Whether you’re renting and want to buy space for all the kids to run around or you’re planning to sell your home and purchase a bigger one, it’s all a bit of a nightmare for a busy parent.

Because of this, we thought it would be a good idea to share some thoughts on how to buy a home without tearing your hair out!

Make a List of the Most Important Features

It doesn’t help an estate agent when you walk in and don’t know what you’re looking for. Whilst we all get that sense of ‘I’ll know it when I see it’, it still helps to have a basic list of wants and don’t wants. 

These might include things like a bathroom on both floors, a large kitchen, bedrooms of a certain size or a spare bedroom to create a home office. You might also want to note down how much money you have available to avoid looking at properties that are out of your budget range. 

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Hiring Right from the Start

When you’re buying a home, you need to work with a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer. They’re able to complete all the paperwork for the home purchase to ensure it gets purchased legally and correctly. Also, if you’re selling a property at the same time, they can manage that sale process through the respective property chain of owners all exchanging on the same day. 

It’s no longer necessary to have a solicitor who you must go to visit on a regular basis to deal with your home purchase. It’s actually better to get a conveyancing quote online which lets you know immediately how much it will cost. The better solicitors offer a fixed price deal.

When you get a conveyancing quote online, you avoid time-consuming trips into their office, which is a real godsend if you have the kids towing along with you. 

Getting Ready to Move

When you’re getting ready to move, remember that it will take much longer to prepare and pack everything than you think it will. We all have more stuff that we realise, and it requires many more packing boxes than is appreciated at the time too.

It’s not actually a bad idea to do a decluttering session over a weekend before getting ready to pack everything. Then, you’ll have less to pack and the removals service might be less expensive too. Whilst no doubt you’ve cleaned up when showings were going on, do another one. This way, your things will get transported when dusted off, and once you’ve spring cleaned the new home after moving into it, you’ll be starting off fresh.

As long as you prepare well and hire professionals to take care of what’s needed, it makes the process of moving that bit easier on everyone. It will never be stress or hassle-free, but you won’t need a holiday right after it’s over either! 

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