5 Expert Tips for Long-Distance Moves

5 Expert Tips for Long-Distance Moves

October 6, 2021

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Making a long-distance move can be tedious or overwhelming for most people, but understanding what to do to prepare for this huge event will help remove your worries. Making sure everything is ironed out will make your move and transition easier. Here are expert tips for your upcoming long-distance move.

1. Searching for the Right Moving Company

Doing some research on different long distance moving companies will allow you to find the right one. Having a clear list of your needs for the big move will help narrow down your list of choices. Some people want to include their vehicles in the move. Reading valuable client feedback like Montway Auto Transport reviews can help you make an informed decision about the matter. Professional car shipping companies tend to specialize in transporting specific vehicles. Find out which car shipping company can transport your vehicle while maintaining its optimal condition.

Look for a credible moving company for your long-distance move. This involves checking for the license, insurance, and registration of each moving company you like. Hiring more established long distance movers can remove most of the stress. These companies have bigger hauling capabilities and professional moving people as well as heaps of positive reviews.

Packing can take months. Getting professional movers to pack, load, transport, and unload your items can save you time and effort. Just organize your belongings ahead of time, and they’ll take it from there.

Another exhausting and potentially costly part of the moving process is gathering all the right packing materials. Professional movers will bring the needed packing materials to your home. The moving fee will cover the boxes, packing tape, packing peanuts, and labels. Professional movers also know how to handle, pack, and secure fragile items. If you rely on your own DIY packing, these precious items could end up broken, but movers have their reputation on the line when it comes to delivering your belongings intact.

5 Expert Tips for Long-Distance Moves

2. Planning and Maintaining a Schedule

Visualize your long-distance move well before the process starts. Planning at least three months ahead will give you more than enough time to prepare. Last-minute packing and reservations will not result in an anxiety-free and smooth move. Procrastinating will only push you into doing everything yourself, which is exhausting.

As soon as you confirm the move is happening, create a moving checklist to help you keep track of the things you must do. School enrollment and activation of utilities in your new place need to be on time. Forgetting such activities will result in chaos by the time you arrive at the new place. Scheduling tasks can help insert your moving tasks into your regular schedule without disrupting its balance.

3. Preparing for In-home Moving Estimates

Moving companies will perform in-home moving estimates. This is when a company’s representative will go to your home and perform a visual survey. This will help provide a clear estimate of the moving fee. Scheduling these estimates at least one month before you move will allow you to choose the right moving team.

4. Updating Important Documents

Updating your address information is crucial for your long-distance move, including your driver’s license, utilities, and subscriptions. Different states have different sets of requirements for renewing a driver’s license. Checking them in the state you will move to can help make the process less intimidating. 

5 Expert Tips for Long-Distance Moves

5. Being Aware and Alert on Moving Day

Thinking about the placement of the furniture in your new home beforehand can save time and prevent irritation. Examining the new space before moving can also help you decide which furniture to take and which ones to keep in storage or give away. A new yet smaller space cannot accommodate oversized furniture. Bringing in medium-sized furniture can provide enough walking space or play space for pets and kids. Also, awareness of the parking regulations in the new neighbourhood can prevent parking violations.

Don’t forget to check and recheck your belongings once they’re at your new place before the movers leave. Doing so can help pinpoint any missing items (if there are any), and you can then find out what may have happened to them immediately.

A long-distance move can be exhausting. Following the mentioned expert tips can make your upcoming move less tedious. Planning, scheduling, and creating lists can help you be strategic during your move. Getting the help of professional movers will make your long-distance move more convenient. Preparing well for this life-altering situation can save you from unnecessary anxiety and irritation and make the process easy.


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