A path with trees on the side of a house

Selling Your Property? How to Improve Your Kerb Appeal

September 5, 2017

Speculation over house prices is nothing new. We seem to be in a perpetual cycle of housing crises, with the housing market either booming or remaining stagnant, or lurching between the two poles. It’s all well and good to think you’ll be able to ride out the current storm, but what if you do need to move? You may have to relocate because of work, an increase in family size or some other reason – whatever it is, you don’t want your house to linger on the market.

How to Improve Your Kerb Appeal

People typically concentrate on ensuring the inside of the house looks its best, but the kerb appeal is equally as important. House buyers are now looking online for houses rather than at a traditional estate agent’s window, and so the thumbnail picture of your home is the first thing they’ll see. A poorly maintained exterior suggests that you haven’t bothered with maintaining your property as a whole. Ignore your house’s kerb appeal at your peril.

A path with trees on the side of a road

Stand on the pavement at the front of your house. What do you see?

  • Do you have hedges? Your hedges need to be maintained. This means that you need to spend time pruning and neatening them up. You may find that detritus from the street has got caught up among the base of your hedge plants. Old cans and crisp packets won’t add to your kerb appeal. Remove all litter, and be sure to regularly check the area for more because prospective house buyers will more than likely drive past your house before they book a viewing, and any unsightly litter not only makes your house seem unkempt and not cared for, but it brings your neighbourhood down too.
  • Do you have fences? Your fencing may need attention. When was the last time you treated it? Smarten up your fence by repainting it with a protective and preserving treatment. You may need to replace panels, and this may seem like a waste of money, but you only have one chance to make a first impression – consider as an investment.
  • Do you have a pond? Water features are a popular feature for home buyers – however, if you haven’t maintained your pond, what should be a selling point may be perceived as a negative. Nobody wants to see a stagnant pond with green water and insects buzzing around above. Make sure that your Water Garden looks like an attraction rather than a distraction.
  • What is your driveway like? Your potential buyers are going to walk up your driveway – it is something that needs your attention? Don’t ignore weeds growing through block paving or gravel. A couple of hours spent weeding is all that’s required. Block paving needs sand in its joints to provide interlock and maintain the stability of the surface. If you need to buy a bag of sand to fill any holes that have appeared – do it. It’ll be worth it.

A path with trees on the side of a building

The key to maximising your kerb appeal is to do those jobs that you may have had on your to-do list for eons. You can’t afford to slack on the maintenance of the exterior of your house. Go the extra mile and litter pick on your road, by doing so you may just inspire others to get into the same good habit.

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