Is Quickstep Vinyl Suitable for Renovation Plans?

Is Quickstep Vinyl Suitable for Renovation Plans?

May 4, 2022

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Luxury vinyl planks have an edge over the ceramic tile competition. Therefore, products like Quickstep Livyn edge ahead in your renovation plans.

Sorting through the various options when it comes to your home renovation plans is one of the fun parts of undertaking it in the first place, finally whittling away your options between two options for the most part. When it comes to flooring, the two that it comes down to are luxury vinyl floorings, such as Quickstep Livyn among others, and ceramic tile. What is next in determining which is the best of the two for your kitchen, bathroom or wherever you choose?

Utilising Quickstep Livyn for your Renovation Plans

Utilising Quickstep Livyn for your Renovation Plans
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Your budget is always the most reflective aspect of any design project, and it is not always about finding the cheapest option – it falls into what provides the best investment all around.

Vinyl planks are the more budget-friendly option over ceramic tile, with tile tending to cost just as much as solid wood flooring and quality carpet in some areas. You want to save as much as you can on your home budget because things can get expensive fast.

When looking at vinyl, you can save upwards of 40% of your budget in installation alone.


When it comes to the installation of both products there are variants in execution. Ceramic tile can be a labour heavy job that takes a lot of time whereas vinyl plank is easier for DIY friendly house members.

Whilst ceramic requires a professional due to being such a complex job, vinyl planks are relatively easy to install over your existing smoothed subfloor. This also saves you a professional installation cost.


This is an area where both products match up in terms of reputation as highly durable products.

The main difference between the two is ceramic’s tendency to crack and chip from time to time and suffer more damage than planks would. Luxury Vinyl does have much more of a cushion effect should items be dropped on it and is better for homes with children and pets.

Vinyl also is better protected against the messes and threats that young children and animals can pose to the look and texture of your floor.

Utilising Quickstep Livyn for your Renovation Plans
Bright dining room with decorative table and chairs made in minimalist style. Luxury interior of a modern house


When it comes to the overall style and look of the products, vinyl planks offer more in the way of selection, including tile designs.

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as glue down vinyl flooring, offers many different flooring styles, from light and dark hardwoods to stone to ceramics – all indistinguishable from the real thing. By incorporating design layers on top of safeguarded layer, vinyl provides practicality and style in more capacity than ceramic would.

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