Décor ideas for a growing child’s room

August 18, 2016

When it comes to decorating, few jobs are as enjoyable as designing a child’s bedroom, particularly when you’re allowed to let your imagination run riot. From storybook characters and animal themes to spaces that will grow as your child develops, the process of creating that perfect bedroom is one that will allow you to bond with your little one on a different level. If the idea of poring over colour schemes and fabrics isn’t enough, think about the look on your child’s face when they see their new room for the first time. While buying paint samplers, matching borders, and choosing soft furnishings is all part of the fun, it’s important to remember that your child’s room will need to remain a functional space; they should be able to relax and unwind, play, and, as they grow older, study within the same room. Before you give your creative streak free rein, have a look at the inspirational ideas below.


Considerations when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom

Getting started can be difficult. Do you wait to see what your child wants, or create a bedroom for them while they’re out of the house? Are you going to buy new furniture, or simply decorate and move things around? While it’s always a good idea to ask your child what kind of thing they’d like, do remember to be firm if their ideas are running away with them. By all means channel your inner interior designer, but also consider how your child’s room will need to change over time as your toddler develops into a teenager. Unless you plan on moving house in the meantime, it’s often a good idea to incorporate design ideas that can be altered as your child grows up. Will a 13-year-old still embrace Disney, or want to fall asleep beneath a canopy of cuddlies? How can you prepare your little one for that passage into adulthood, and yet capture their childish delight? It’s a difficult line to tread, but with a little hard work and an endless imagination, you can create anything.

Inspiration to get you started

The first thing you’ll need to consider before getting the paint brush out is where certain items of furniture will go – indeed, what are those items of furniture, and how will they grow with your child? Cot beds are fantastic for little ones, as they will see them through into their pre-school days, while cabin beds can create storage solutions for older children, as well as a comfy and cool place to sleep. Storage should be a primary concern; the smaller a person, the more belongings they tend to have, so think carefully about how you’ll keep the bedroom neat and tidy. Toy hammocks, bookcases, and personalised toy boxes can turn a bedroom into a playroom, while a wardrobe and a chest of drawers are a must. Finally, think about safety. Does your child still need a safety gate across their doorway? Are there curtain pulls, or a blind cord, that will need to be removed or placed out of harm’s way? Can the furniture be attached to the walls? Even covering plug sockets should be considered as you’ll want your child’s bedroom to be a safe haven. Right, formalities out of the way – it’s time for fun!

Choose a theme, or a colour scheme

While it’s tempting to go all out on your child’s bedroom, and to use bold primary colours and endless references to fairytale characters, remember that their bedroom will need to grow with them. Unless you have a limitless budget and all the time in the world, redecorating every other year just won’t be feasible. Instead of being influenced by the blues and pinks of gender stereotyping, or turning your child’s room into a bonafide jungle, paint the walls in a pale green, yellow or cream, and allow a series of borders, stickers and decals to do the talking; these can be changed as regularly as you like, without requiring a major overhaul.

Light it up

Next, think about how you’ll light the room. Blackout blinds and heavy curtains are a great addition to a younger child’s bedroom, letting them settle no matter how brightly the sun is still shining outside. If you like the idea of being able to control the flow of light in your child’s bedroom but have concerns regarding blinds, why not choose wooden window shutters? Shutters will help you to block the light out when it’s time for bed, and gradually reintroduce it when you’re ready for the day to begin, as well as allowing fresh air to flood in, and looking as though they belong in a fairytale. What’s more, as your child gets older, the shutters could form a part of any number of themes, and go the distance in terms of décor. Dimmer switches are also a fantastic idea for younger children, allowing you to gently mimic the setting sun as they get ready for bed. In addition, such switches make it easier for parents to attend to their unsettled child without waking them up. Will your child have a nightlight? Choose a lamp with a plain shade, and use any leftover border stickers or trimmed decals to draw it into the room’s theme.

Accessories for the ideal bedroom

Now to the really fun part: accessories. Your child will, of course, want their favourite toys to be close at hand, so use toy boxes, hammocks and shelving units to give them access to key items. If space allows, a reading corner can be a fantastic addition to any child’s bedroom, becoming a study area as they grow up. Choose a corner near to the window in order to use the natural light; place a series of brightly coloured, or themed, cushions on the floor; and create a corner with a storage box or bookshelf – here, your child’s imagination will run wild. Finally, think about adding a rug, such as those featuring the ABC, a play mat motif or a farmyard theme. Your child will be inspired to play endless games, while a little more colour has been added to the overall appearance of the room. The great thing about designing a child’s bedroom is that the work is never truly done; as they grow and change, so too will their interests, and you’ll soon find that you’re never far from a project.

Decorating a child’s bedroom is one of those rare occasions when it pays to have a wild imagination; a time when you and your child can work side by side to create a work of art and a space that they’ll adore from the moment they set eyes on it. Regardless of your child’s age now, it always pays to consider the ways in which they’ll grow and change in the years to come; toddler bedrooms filled with characters and colour are adorable but may fall out of your teenager’s favour when they decide to bring friends home. Hopefully, this blog post has given you a little inspiration for the task ahead of you – whatever you come up with, you know that putting those plans into practice is going to be so much fun.

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