Take a Peek Into Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard’s Dream House

Take a Peek Into Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard’s Dream House

February 16, 2022

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Let’s Take a Peek Into Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard’s Dream House…

Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the most popular TV dramas for a long time and it is easy to see why. There is a lot to like about the medical drama, including the relationship between Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd – or MerDer as they are known collectively in the show – and the fact that Derek built her dream house that she had planned out with their “candle house” from scratch with the help of colleagues Mark, Alex and Avery. 

MerDer’s Relationship

The MerDer relationship has been a rollercoaster ride and one of the most gripping aspects of the show. The pair originally fell in love at a bar in the very first episode, which quickly became problematic when they only later realised that they worked in the same hospital with Meredith an intern and Derek a surgeon. There are a number of brilliant episodes to check out if you are interested in their relationship, including:

  • S1 E1: A Hard Day’s Night
  • S1 E9: Who’s Zoomin Now?
  • S3 E11: Six Days: Part 1
  • S8 E13: If/Then
  • S11 E17: With Or Without You
Take a Peek Into Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard’s Dream House

The Dream Home

To get the style of MerDer’s dream home you will want to create a treehouse-style interior with a wooden finish, corner sofa, wooden laminate flooring and an outdoor area with decking. You will also want storage that fits just right into your home for a sleek, professional look that also helps to maximise space. 

In terms of decor, one of the most notable features is the diagram of a spinal cord tumour that Derek drew when Meredith lived in shared accommodation. They also had their signed marriage post-it note framed, so there is a very personal feel to their decor. 

In addition to the use of wood, the large amount of natural light that the house does help to create a natural feel in the space and this is something that every homeowner can benefit from. Natural light is important, but they also have lamps for the evening that create a warm feel with oranges, greens and yellows.

Take a Peek Into Meredith Grey & Derek Shepard’s Dream House

MerDer’s Future *No Spoilers*

The MerDer relationship is one of the most gripping aspects of the show and fans hope to see much more for the couple in the future, inching surgeries done together, awards and personal ventures for the couple and possibly even buying more land to showcase their interior skills once again. 

If you are redesigning your dream house with your partner, hopefully, you will find some inspiration from MerDer’s beautiful house and it is certainly something to behold. Redecorating the home can be a fun project and a chance to be creative as well as an opportunity for you to create something with your partner – as Meredith said, “I think we can be extraordinary together, rather than ordinary apart”.

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