A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Create a Beautiful Bedroom on a Budget with the Best Children’s Furniture

March 6, 2019

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If you are starting to look around your child’s room and you are realizing that it needs some updating, it might make you cringe. The cost of redoing a bedroom can see astronomical. It doesn’t have to. Use these tips to create a beautiful bedroom on a budget.

How to create a children’s bedroom on a budget

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

What Do You Really Need

When you start looking around the room, decide what you really need to update? Sometimes, things in the room can be kept, it just needs a little paint or reupholstery, or a new slipcover if you are not able to do the fabric work yourself. Take note of what you want to replace and what you want to update before you get started.

Often, the bed is one of the things that need to be updated. Whether the child has a hand-me-down bed or has outgrown from a toddler bed to needs something bigger like a twin to a full, the bed can be one of the largest expenses. Click here for children’s midsleeper beds that are inexpensive and offer a wide variety of beds.


Whether you are storing clothes, toys or anything, you want to make sure there is somewhere to put it that keeps it out of sight and neat. While dressers and storage bins can be expensive, if you get some from a second-hand shop you can paint it and make it look new. With very little work, you can have the storage spaces match the room without having to buy something custom.

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If new flooring isn’t an option right now, since it can be quite the expense, think about ways to refresh what you have. If the carpet or hardwood floor has seen better days, try to buy an area rug. These rugs can cover up the existing flooring and give the space a new look without the expense.

If that doesn’t seem like a good idea for your space, look into inexpensive flooring ideas. There are many creative ideas, like creating a paper bag floor or using reclaimed wood or even pallets to create a new floor. The internet offers lots of inexpensive flooring ideas.

Window Treatments and Bed Sets

Sometimes, giving a room a  new look is as simple as some paint on the walls, new window treatments, and a matching bed set. Just these small touches make the room feel new.

Creating a new space that feels fresh and beautiful doesn’t have to break the bank. A few small changes can create a new look without the expense.

A room that has a sign on a window

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