A bedroom with a bed in a room

Making Your Bedroom A Fabulous Place To Be

January 11, 2018

It is said that a change is as good as a rest, and this can mean the decorations in your home, especially the bedroom. If your décor is looking stale and old, then you should look to give your home a facelift and what better place to start than the bedroom! You do not need to spend a fortune on each room, and you can save money by doing all of the decorating yourself. There are a few details that you will need to work out first, and once these are done, you can start planning your new bedroom and make sure that it is a pleasant sanctuary within your home.

A bedroom with a bed and a chair in a room

Working Out Your Budget

One of the first things that you will need to do is work out what sort of budget you have to play with for decorating. You will also need to list things that may need replacing such as curtains, mattress, bed, as well as decorations, pictures, and ornaments. When you know what is going to have to be replaced, and what is going to be recycled, you will be able to work out a more accurate budget. When you know how much money you have to spend, you can then start shopping for what you will need.

The Windows and Doors

You may wish to go the whole hog and replace the windows and doors in your bedroom, but it is not essential to bring a new lease of life to your bedroom. You can achieve almost the same effect by giving them a coat of paint, and you can even change the colour of them if you wish. If your bedroom is facing south, you may need to control the amount of light that enters in the mornings, so you may want to check Made to Measure Blinds’ selection of wooden Venetian blinds at your local stockist.

The Flooring Of Your Bedroom

Although you may choose to buy wooden Venetian blinds for your windows, when it comes to the flooring of your room, you will be best in choosing a nice plush carpet. You could choose a wooden floor and then have a nice plush rug on the floor, but a fully carpeted room will give is a much cosier feel to it.

The Lighting Of Your Room

You will control one aspect of the lighting with the curtains or blinds that you choose for your windows, but you will also need to decide on the lights as well. You will need to work out what type of fittings you want, as well as where they are going to be placed. Do not rush this part of the job as getting the lighting correct in your room can make the finished effect pop out at you. If you can, try to choose adjustable light controls so you can turn the light up or down to change the mood.

The Best Colour For Your Room

The best colour for your new bedroom is going to depend on your taste, but whatever colour you choose just make sure that it is not too bold or loud. Use accents and shades that complement each other and play about with different colour schemes before making your final choice.

Transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary for you to relax is simple when you take your time and do not overload your room. Take a look at some of the ideas on the Readers Digest website, and transform your bedroom into a special place today.

A room filled with furniture and a large window

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