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Boo Roo and Tigger Too {February 2016}

March 6, 2016

Life seems to pass me by at an alarming rate at the moment. I spent most of the last week completely confused about which day of the week it was. I’d love to blame it on being out of sync due the half term holidays, however, I think it’s a combination of baby brain and me getting old.

The days pass by so quickly that I find it hard to recall what happened  yesterday, never mind last week. I feel as though I’m missing out on precious memories which is why I am thankful I have my blog to collate all the things we do.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too {February 2016}

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Finally after months of waiting I have received my ‘at risk of redundancy‘ letter from work. The letter felt quite cold and impersonal considering it took them so long to contact me and the rest of my work colleagues. It’s going to be a long process and I’m not convinced that I will get the voluntary redundancy that I want.

At home I’ve been attempting to get into a routine between school runs, after school clubs, looking after Piglet and keeping the house straight. There are days when I feel I am winning, then other days where I have achieved nothing – but I am getting there.


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Her enthusiasm for joining in with school activities doesn’t seem to be wavering. She has signed herself up for both dance and choir parts in a summer production at one of our local theatres.

During a recent trip to Cadbury World during half term, I’m not sure who was more excited about the prospect of a chocolate filled day. Both Roo and I were dancing in the car as Mr Boo drove up the driveway to the iconic building. Needless to say, the pot (or two) of melted chocolate went down very well.

She is currently sporting two very bruised knees from where she slipped at a Cub Scout activity last week. She must have fallen with some force as her entire knee caps are purple! – I’m not sure that she will be wanting to do street dance again anytime soon.


My cheeky little boy seems to have grown in confidence over the past month. Both in terms of his cheekiness which can land him in trouble and in his actions. He has never been a boisterous boy but recently he has realised he can jump and bounce off things without hurting himself and finds it quite funny too.

With a recent trip to his beloved Thomas Land, he loved going from ride to ride – although he still isn’t brave enough to try out Cranky.


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I can’t believe that my little baby girl is now three months old – how did that happen? Her earlier struggles with trapped wind seem to have eased and she is much more settled. She has a better day when things are structured just like Roo and Tigger did as babies so I’m trying to keep to a routine even if it means waking her for a feed during the day.

Touchwood she is sleeping between 10-12 hours on a night which is fantastic. It’s lovely to have her more alert during the day and is always full of smiles.

She coped well on our first few family outings over half term and to Thomas Land, although she slept in her pram most of the time we were out and about.

So that was our February – what did you get up to?

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