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Homework club

February 8, 2017

Someone once told me to pick my battles when it came to parenting. Something I am not always good at remembering. However, after having the same battle week after week with Roo, I suddenly realised that it wasn’t going to stop unless we found a solution.

The battle?


Roo and Tigger’s school have a high expectation when it comes to homework. Something I’m not against, however, some of it is not always practical.

The expectation

  • Reading a minimum of four times a week
  • Maths a minimum of four times a week 
  • Spellings
  • A challenge from their current project (usually nine challenges are set each half term with at least six required to be completed)

Maths, reading, and spellings are easily completed across the week. Alternating maths and reading each night with an extra session and spellings thrown in at the weekends. It is the projects that are a headache. Some of the challenges include things that they haven’t even covered in class yet. Some require additional research and resources that whilst we have some bits at home I can’t drop everything and head into the city to get extra with all three children.

Whilst Tigger will sit down and complete a project reluctantly as he’d rather be playing on Skylanders. Roo, however, is a different kettle of fish. We clash over the whole thing, she snaps, I snap – it’s just not productive.

Each week it was the same argument until before Christmas I’d had enough. I sat down with Roo and explained that I felt it would be better for her to complete her challenges at homework club each week. She’d have access to the resources, computers, and teachers should she need them. Enabling her to complete a challenge on one day rather than dragging it out over the length of a week.

A wooden bench sitting in the dark

So since the beginning of this year, she has been attending homework club on a Monday night after school. Allowing her to complete at least one challenge from the terms project each week. From PowerPoint presentations, posters and models. She’s managed to get her homework completed and I haven’t had to have the same battle with her again and again.

How do you manage your child’s (children’s) homework?

  • Kim Carberry February 8, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Sending your girl to homework club sounds like a sensible idea….
    I wish my girls school had that option. She hates doing her homework and it is always so stressful getting her to complete it…

  • Sabina green February 8, 2017 at 10:24 pm

    I think Homework clubs are BRILLIANT!! We used to have the same issues with Curly, it was just a constant battleground and he was permanently in detention. Since joining homework club, he gets all of his homework done which has made life at home much calmer and he is no longer in detention (well not for homework!!). Keep up the good work Roo, it will be worth it in the end xx

  • RachelSwirl February 11, 2017 at 12:32 am

    We have homework club on a monday night too but it’s at home lol

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