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What’s In and What’s Out: Warm and Cheery Trends in Modern Home Interior Design

February 8, 2017

It’s a new year and home interior designers are saying it’s out with the old and in with the new. If you’re tired of looking at the same old furnishings, and you want to freshen up your home with something bright and cheery, here are a few ideas on the latest trends in modern interior design.

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Mixed Patterns

Inspired by last Autumn’s New York fashion week, lots of mixed patterns are going to appear in home décor in 2017. Look out for busy, miss-matched patterns in furnishings, curtains, rugs and other textiles.

Vintage Goes Modern

Think campaign furniture or art deco updated with contemporary textiles and you will get the new modern vintage look that is growing in popularity. If you want some furniture that blends old-world charm with a modern-day style, check out Plum Goose ideas.

Fashionable Faux

Faux finishes are in vogue for 2017. And that’s not just for fur cushions, throws, and rugs. Today’s interior designers are using all kinds of faux materials because they are kind to your pocket and they look delightful. You will be seeing faux wood, faux leather, and faux foliage.

Cheery Palates

When it comes to painting your rooms, cheery colors like yellow and bright green are popular for this year. Forget black, it’s totally out. In its place comes chic navy blue. Spicy reds and dusky blues are also hot for 2017.

Less is More

From folding appliances to folding rooms, compact and neat are key words for this year’s interior design. From retractable range hoods to entirely folding kitchens, it’s all about saving space this year. If every inch of your living space counts, you can even get a complete foldout room.

Boho Chic

Bohemian meets elegance this year, with a unique blend of textiles and prints particularly in the bedroom. Track down vintage carpets, vinyl chairs, and raw white pottery to add to your boudoir.

Cork Walls

It’s not just for the bathroom floor. Cork is becoming chic as a wall covering, and we’re not talking pin boards here, but for a fresh contemporary look in any room. It can be easily applied to any surface and comes in a range of different textures which can be stained or painted.

Mixed Metals

Combinations of gold and brass became popular last year. This year, they are being joined by polished silver and nickel. There’s also a newcomer to metal finishes: white plaster. Look for this unique finish in light fixtures this year.

Art-inspired Wall Coverings

Forget traditional wallpaper prints and add organic color to your wall with natural wall coverings by Phillip Jeffries. His unique textures include brushstroke silk, faux leather for the wall, thin wood veneers, watercolor abstracts, and husk textures.


Living spaces are warming up with terracotta tiles, not just for borders but for ceilings and for feature walls in kitchens and bathrooms and for cladding fireplaces.

Upholstered Headboards

Timber bed frames are a thing of the past. Upholstered bed-heads are returning to take their place. Inspired by luxury hotels and celebrity homes, plush velvet and buttoned headboards lend elegance and glamor to any bedroom.

What’s Out for 2017?

If you want to stay abreast of interior design trends for the year ahead, make sure you ditch these designs that are now out of favor.

  • Marble: Marble homewares have outstayed their welcome and are being replaced with earthy clays, timber, and wicker.
  • Copper: Say goodbye to polished copper and brass and hello to burnished metals and black steel.
  • Quote Artworks: Once the height of vogue, quote artworks are now passé. Replace them with bold, abstract prints.
  • Subway tiles: If you’re renovating the bathroom, let go of the subway tiles. Once trendy, they’re now a fad of the past.
  • The glam look: The deep black, bold white and striking silver of the glam look that has populated kitchens and bathroom throughout American is being left behind for sleek, stark minimalism.
  • White-on-white kitchens: Once a thriving trend, this severe look is being replaced by warm, earthy tones and textures, with white only showing up in ceramics.

A vase filled with purple flowers sitting in a pot

So now you have a number of ideas to brighten up your home for 2017. Go on, express yourself. Be playful; add lots of cheery colour and a mix of different textures. Use these trending ideas to add you own personal touch to your interior design.

Disclosure: This is a featured article from Louise Helms. Louise Helms is an interior designer who is sharing her design ideas all over the web. From vision boards to How-To’s, you’ll find Louise’s articles on a range of home decor related sites.

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