The Photo Gallery: A Family Story

When I saw the prompt this week for the Photo Gallery I knew which picture to show you.
The story behind the photo is that the morning of our wedding Mr Boo rang our home phone and left the following message:
‘Hi, it’s only me, can someone answer the phone but not Boo’
You can just imagine the thoughts going through my mind when I heard that message. OMG! he is jilting me!
What did he want?? He was asking how to attach his buttonhole! Seriously, I could have killed him!
This is me explaining to my new husband where is buttonhole should have been placed. 
We can joke about it now but my skipped several beats when I heard that message. I was so worried, but luckily he is a good lad and followed through on his promise to make me is wife.
Love you Mr Boo x

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