How to Host Halloween at Home

October 12, 2020

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With the world going through the ups and downs of the pandemic, more families are opting to host Halloween at home. This means hosting trick or treating at home versus going out to knock on neighbours’ doors, or attending some public trick or treating event.

Since many parents are looking for ways to let their kids enjoy trick or treating safely, I wanted to share a few tips on how you can host Halloween at home this year. This will help ease anxiety and ensure that your kids stay safe all the while enjoying the childhood fun of trick or treating.

How to Host Halloween at Home

Halloween at home - Witches shoes

Set a Date and Time

The joy of hosting Halloween at home is that you can select any day and time you want. You won’t have to abide by your town’s date and time for trick or treating. Sit down to set a date and time for your at-home Halloween event. This should be a date and time that will allow your whole family to partake in the festivities.

Plan an Itinerary

Next, you’ll want to plan an itinerary for the Halloween event. Your itinerary will allow you to allot times for specific activities, see below for more activity ideas. You’ll want to make Halloween trick or treating at home just as fun and festive as it would be if you were going door to door.

Pumpkin Painting

Opt to paint pumpkins instead of partaking in pumpkin carving this year as part of your Halloween trick or treating event. Gather the supplies and mini-pumpkins to provide ample supplies for each family member to paint their own Halloween pumpkin.

Schedule Spooky Movie Time

If your kids can handle it, you can create a spooky movie time playlist on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. This is a fabulous Halloween event activity to enjoy at home after the other festive events have been completed. You may even want to set up an indoor camping area so the whole family can sleep in the family room.

Hide Candy & Goodies

Since your kids won’t be heading out door to door for trick or treating candy, you can hide candy and alternative goodies around the home. This will help your kids have a blast getting some goodies all the while staying safe at home.

Create Halloween treats

With time indoors it is the perfect time to create some spooktacular treats and if you are looking for inspiration take a look at these Halloween treat ideas.

Halloween at home - Halloween cookies

These are just some of my best ideas to help you host Halloween at home. I know that many of you are on the fence as to what you’ll do when October arrives, but if you’re still nervous about going in public then this is an excellent way to avoid crowds all the while having a blast on Halloween with your kids. 

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