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Why Is My Home’s Drain Clogged?

October 13, 2020

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A clogged drain line can be easy to fix or sometimes extremely complicated. It often depends on why the drain is clogged and where the clog is located. If you experience a severe clog that has not gone away with ample efforts of plunging, it might be time to call a plumber Indianapolis

Plumbers receive a variety of emergency calls. From a busted pipe that is causing water to fill the basement, to sewage water backing up into the bathtub, plumbing issues can happen at any time and to anyone. One of the most frequent calls they receive has to do with clogs.

Top Reasons Drains Clog

If you’re curious why your drain is currently clogged or keeps clogging, we explore a few reasons why this is happening. We will also go over tips for stopping a clogged drain and preventing them from returning. 

Clogged drain - toilet

Putting Grease Down the Drain

It can be easy to discard your grease down the drain versus any other method of disposal. For those that have been in the habit of doing it, it can be hard to break. However, putting grease down the drain is one of the worst things you can do for the life of your drains, specifically preventing clogs.

If this sounds like something you and your family do, now is the time to stop. Alternatives to throwing grease, like bacon fat, down the drain, can include storing the fat in a sealed container. Excellent containers include metal coffee cans or pickle jars. Another easy method is lining your drain with an “aluminum foil cup” to catch oil and fat drippings. 

Feminine Products In The Wastebasket

One of the most flushed items that shouldn’t be is feminine items, including pads and tampons. These don’t belong down the drain. Because plumbing pipes can be lined with fats and soap, any fibrous object can stick to the sides of the pipe; over time, this seals the pipe creating a blockage. Instead of flushing pads and tampons, simply place them in a waste receptacle. 

Foreign Objects in The Toilet

Kids will be kids. One of the most common issues plumbers see is toys or other objects flushed down the drain. It can seem like a simple thing, but items going down the toilet cause huge issues. Talking with your kids about not putting toys down the toilet is an excellent start. If your kids are still young, putting a locking device on the toilet can stop clogs from happening. 

Clogged drain Prevention Tips

The best prevention for a clogged drain, aside from avoiding putting foreign objects and fat down the plumbing, is to talk with your plumber about services like hydro jetting. The inside of the plumbing pipes can become lined with grease, hair, and soap. Once these things start to collect on the inside of the pipes, it’s hard to slow down the process of blockage and slow draining drains. 

Hydro jetting is a reset for your plumbing pipes that eliminate all the clog forming particles, restoring them to like-new condition. This procedure uses high-pressure water equipment to push water throughout all the pipes. Hydro jetting is a simple service that can completely eliminate problem areas in your plumbing pipe that are more susceptible to clogs or areas that are currently clogging.

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