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What Colours & Styles Go With a Grey Sofa? An Interior Decor Guide

May 19, 2023


Your home is where you’re the most comfortable. Your shelter, your haven, your castle. It’s where you unwind after a long day or week. Somewhere to put your feet up, enjoy a drink and spend time with your family and friends. It is a place to raise your children, laugh and share joy with them. Home is also somewhere you can constantly improve – through rearranging, renovating, remodelling and redecorating. Interior design can be a fun project because you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour inside your home once you’ve completed a project.

Your living room is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, aside from the kitchen and the bathroom. That’s why it makes sense to put some effort into getting it looking fabulous. And the centrepiece of your living space is your sofa. If you have a sectional and modular sofa by Hybreeze or plan on acquiring one, you may not know what styles and colours go with it. Lucky for you, this helpful article will share some top design tips for contrasting and matching colours and styles to your grey sofa. Read on to find out more.

An Interior Decor Guide to Adding a Grey Sofa to your home

stylish interior of modern living room with comfortable sofa - What Colours & Styles Go With a Grey Sofa? An Interior Decor Guide

Choose Your Colour Scheme

When creating a colour scheme to match a grey sofa, your options border limitless. So many colours go well with grey that you’re spoiled for choice. The neutral hue of grey tends to come in various shades and colour temperatures, so pay careful attention to the undertones of your couch to guide your choices for items like accessories, wall colours, and other furnishings. 

For instance, a warm grey will pair excellently with a colour like mustard yellow, coral or gold. If your sofa has a cooler grey tone on the blueish side, you can match it with tones such as green, mint, teal or even a rich navy blue. 

Pair a Grey Sofa with a Neutral Coloured Decor

Grey sofas and chairs also make a lovely base for an overarching neutral colour scheme for the surrounding decor. Some greys can fit exceptionally well with whites, off-whites, blacks, sepia, or even wood tones. To add some dimension and depth to your colour palette, vary the brightness of the surrounding decor. For instance, you might add white-toned throw pillows to the couch or pair the sofa with a chair set with rich timber bases. You can also play around with different textures that should go well with the grey, such as shiny metal, chrome, or even soft velvet. 

Bring Some Warmth with Red Tones

A grey colour can be quickly warmed up with the strategic placement of red items around your living room. For instance, russet throw cushions on the sofa can create a warm splash of red, or even hanging artwork with red hues on the wall. 

spacious contemporary flat with green plants and spiral stairway - What Colours & Styles Go With a Grey Sofa? An Interior Decor Guide

Create Bright Accents

A grey couch in a stark, white room can be an excellent place to create some accents with colours that contrast against the grey. For instance, a resounding pink splash in the room, such as a pink rug or a feature wall, can create a bold statement. Balance the saccharine pink with some black elements to create a contrasting aesthetic.

This is something that can be easily done with couch covers. Nolan Interior has couch covers that you can install on individual cushions. You could either cover some of the cushions or pillows on your grey couch with bright couch covers, or you could completely cover a second couch with brighter couch covers to get that bright accent.

Bring Some Natural Green With House Plants

An excellent way to provide a natural, biophilic contrast to your grey sofa is with some houseplants. Plants bring a sharp sense of life and nature into any room and are an excellent way to add colour and texture to a room’s design. 

The great thing about indoor plants is they come in all shapes, sizes and hues of green, so there should be the perfect set of plants for you. For instance, if you’re going for a minimal feel, one or two small plants are a perfect addition to your living space. 

If you veer towards maximalism, you can create a lush indoor jungle with lots of green to contrast with your grey couch. Think hanging baskets and climbing plants such as Dragon’s Tail. 

Go Industrial

Industrial interior design aesthetics use raw materials, like brick and concrete, which look great with a grey sofa with an excellent granite look. For instance, if you’re completely remodelling your living room, you could opt for a grey concrete floor to match your sofa. 

Suppose you have an open-plan kitchen and dining area. In that case, you can continue with the industrial feeling with grey tiles in the kitchen and more concrete flooring or other industrial elements in the open-plan space. A tip about open plans – you’ll want to opt for an oversized couch, as a more petite sofa in an open-plan room can seem too small for the space.

interior of modern apartment living room - What Colours & Styles Go With a Grey Sofa? An Interior Decor Guide

A Grey Couch Conclusion

This helpful article has shared all about what colours and styles go with a grey sofa. Consider these tips when redesigning your living space around a grey sofa centrepiece.

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