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6 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Recliner Chair

February 26, 2020

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At the end of a long, busy day the first thing you feel like doing—and what your body probably needs most—is putting your feet up & relaxing. If you’ve never considered investing in a recliner chair, now’s the time to do it to ensure you can continue putting your best foot forward tomorrow, thanks to a luxurious rest today.

If even Napoleon III supposedly owned one, there must be something that’s kept the recliner chair as a popular choice that led to the patented La-Z-Boy and countless other more modern creations today.

Before looking at the numerous advantages of purchasing a recliner chair, consider the practical purpose for which it was made and how your body’s best interests are at the heart of its design. 

What’s a Recliner Chair?

As its name suggests, a recliner chair is a type of armchair or sofa that reclines. When you sit on the recliner chair you’re able to lower the back and raise the front until you’ve achieved maximum comfort.

Many such chairs have a built-in backrest that you can tilt back. Some have a footrest that you can extend automatically when you lower the back or it can be pulled outwards using a lever or pressing a button built into the side of the chair.

Why you need to buy a recliner chair

With its clever design and numerous types of recliner chairs available on the market, from manual to electric & massaging, here are six reasons which we’ll call ‘the 6 C’s’ why you need to buy a recliner chair. You’ll soon see why it’s the missing piece of furniture in your home:

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It’s Comfortable

Comfort is key, and when you sit down, whether it’s to breastfeed, read, rest or catch up on the latest episode of MasterChef, you want to feel like you can do it peacefully and easily. Think of all the times you’ve wriggled around on an uncomfortable sofa throwing around cushions until you temporarily find a mildly secure spot. A recliner chair enables you to enjoy the effects of literally putting your feet up without lying down.

It Combats Stress

The position your body is in when sitting in a recliner helps your body to relax. This is why a recliner chair is used for stress relief. When your spine is resting, your back will be supported and your legs elevated. Both your body and mind will thank you for the invigorating feeling this brings, which is why it’s no wonder recliner chairs have proven to benefit mental as well as physical health.

Fatigue, headaches, memory trouble and migraines can all be indicators of mental stress. If you want the feeling of being able to sit back and relax during leisure time, a recliner chair helps give you the support you need by acting as a reliever of stress. Some recliner chairs offer a heating pad and massage function which can help combat mental & physical stress.

It’s Chic 

Recliner chairs are available in an array of colours and fabrics, so you can find one that matches your home’s interior décor. Leather recliners are an elegant, stylish option. The added advantage of opting for a leather recliner chair is that it’s easy to clean.

It Circulates Blood in Your Lower Body

Your feet and legs can swell from the increased downward blood flow after sitting or standing for extended periods. By sitting on a recliner chair you’ll have improved circulation, especially if your feet are lifted above your heart level. Through gravity, your blood circulation is naturally improved and you’ll experience some relief.

It Cuts Down on Pain and Pressure

If you’re looking to soothe your aching limbs, a recliner chair provides excellent lumbar support. 

Approximately 80% of adults suffer from lower back pain, and this is often due to a job-related cause. If you’re looking for back, neck and shoulder support, frequently sitting in a recliner chair will assist in pain reduction & help to ease your weary, tender joints & bones.

By alleviating pressure from the inflamed areas, your pain can be better managed as you find the best comfort setting by adjusting the recliner chair until you’ve found the perfect position. 

Sufferers of arthritis can also benefit from using recliner chairs because of the corrected and improved angle at which the joints & muscles are directed. Some recliners are specifically used in the health industry to help patients stand up or sit down. 

Count on It to Last

While recliner chairs might be more expensive than the average armchair or sofa, they’re made to last. Durability is connected to quality, so picking leather recliner chairs made with tough upholstery and a solid mechanism will help you to enjoy the benefits for a long time. The average recliner chair that’s frequently used can be expected to last for approximately 10 years


With the multiple benefits of a recliner chair, it’s a worthwhile investment in your health that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Don’t decline the chance to recline!

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