7 Ceiling Decoration Ideas

7 Ceiling Decoration Ideas

May 5, 2023


Looking for a way to spice up a ceiling within your home? Below are a few fun ways to decorate a ceiling.


Most ceilings in your home will already be fitted with some form of overhead lighting. However, there may be ways of improving this lighting to make it both more stylish and practical. A single overhead bulb is usually not enough to illuminate a room – consider switching this out for a multi-arm light fixture. Alternatively, you could add some recessed lights all across the ceiling. This post offers some fun ceiling light ideas for inspiration. 


Ceiling moulding was once popular in period homes. It can immediately make a ceiling feel more opulent. You could opt for crown moulding around the edges of the ceiling or consider a ceiling rose around a light fitting. You’ll find plenty of mould suppliers online for making your own ceiling moulding. Or you can simply hire a professional decorator to install moulding. 

7 Ceiling Decoration Ideas


Painting your ceiling in different colours could have different effects. The most popular ceiling colour is white, which can add height to a room and make a room feel brighter. Light blue can meanwhile create an open sky feel, while dark blue could create a night sky feel (perfect for a bedroom). Yellow can meanwhile give a room a bright and sunny feel. A brightly coloured ceiling looks best when contrasted with white walls – too much colour in a room could be colour overload. 


Wallpaper isn’t just for walls. You can also apply wallpaper to a ceiling to give it some texture. There are wallpaper designs that can simulate ceiling moulding, and even wallpaper styles that simulate a ceiling mural if you want to make a statement. Alternatively, you could opt for a more simple design such as a floral design or subtle geometric shapes. Wallpapered ceilings are best contrasted with plain white walls to stop a room from looking too busy.

Wooden beams

Adding wooden beams to a ceiling can help to create a rustic country home feel. These could be freshly cut timber beams or reclaimed timber beams (the latter could look better in a historic property by matching the aged decor). You can decorate wooden beams by wrapping lights around them or simply keep them bare. 

7 Ceiling Decoration Ideas


A mirrored ceiling can make a room feel taller and brighter. This could include a single mirror in the centre or mirrors tiled across the entire ceiling. Dining rooms can be a great place to add a mirrored ceiling – placing a mirror over the dining room table can allow diners to take in the whole table spread while sitting down. 


A ceiling fan could be another fun feature to consider adding to your ceiling. These can come in handy in summer when you want to cool a room. Ceiling fans come in various different styles from rustic timber fans to more industrial-looking metal fans. Many can be incorporated into ceiling light fixtures. 

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