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Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer Entertaining

March 22, 2019

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It is time to start thinking about your garden. If you love to relax in your yard and enjoy the garden, you want to get started now. As the weather gets nicer, you can get the garden started. If you do the work now, you can sit back relax and entertain your guests this summer, without worrying about dealing with the garden.

Time to start thinking about summer entertaining

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You don’t want to be rushing to get the garden ready for entertaining in the middle of summer. Now is the time to start. Use these tips to get the area ready now so you can enjoy company later.

Porch or Deck

Look for places that need updating on the deck. Maybe all you need is to power wash the area. Maybe it is time for a new coat of stain. If you notice that the garden decking rope needs to be replaced, do it now. You want to finish any projects like these before the warm weather comes.

Weed Now

Nothing makes a garden look like a mess more than weeds. Weeds can overtake an area and make it look like a wild pasture instead of a nice relaxing place to sit. Whether you have flower beds or not, it is time to work on weeds. Weed flower beds and vegetable areas. Cut the grass and remove any large, dead or dying bushes that look out of place. Weeding is more than just pulling weeds from a flower bed. It is about cleaning up, cutting back and just making everything look nice.

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If you start your planting now, by summer entertaining time, the plants will be in full bloom and will have filled out their planting areas. By starting now, you can also save money by starting with seeds. Whether you buy seeds or already started plants, get the plants where you want them, and enjoy the benefits in your garden.

Save Time

You want to enjoy your garden, not spend a lot of time getting it where you want it to be. I recommend finding a one-stop shop, like Synthetic Hemp, so that you can order your supplies all at once. Save time from going from location to location or even website to website. Order everything from one place and get the job done faster.

Once the garden is ready, you can now enjoy it without trying to get the work done on those summer weekends. Sit back, enjoy your beautiful space with friends and family.

  • Sarah Christie March 23, 2019 at 11:38 am

    We are having a totally rethink of our garden this year and next, starting with plants I so need to incorporate a little winter colour into the garden x

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