Make the Most Out of Your Garden All Year Round!

January 19, 2021

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Thinking about sprucing up your garden? There are so many improvements you can make to ensure that you can still use your garden space no matter the weather. Dive into these 10 ideas to make the most out of your garden all year round!


Chances are you want to keep healthy and fit throughout the year! With current lockdowns in place, your garden is the perfect place to begin. By simply having weekly activities like mowing the lawn or following a workout routine outdoors can help to keep you fit and energised. 

You could go the extra mile and introduce fitness equipment to the garden. This helps to break the routine of indoor exercise. Another fun game to try is Padel, which is more accessible than the traditional Tennis rules.

Throw Some Shade

The best outdoor spaces are those with a combination of warmth and shade! Therefore, design your garden with shade in mind. Consider setting up a canopy, tepee or just a normal shade. Choose a design that suits the theme of your garden. This could include anything from a traditional gazebo to retractable Roman shades.

Not only does this provide shade for you, but it also protects the garden from damage by bad weather. This means that you get to enjoy the space in your garden in any weather.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden

Add Some Trees

Combining natural shade with store-bought shade gives dimension to the garden. Shade trees are a popular choice as they are eco-friendly and make your garden blossom! A variety of trees which grow into a shade structure will be the best choice. 

Start Playing

If you have children, why not invest in playground structures like swings or even a mini playset? This helps to make exercise more exciting for children. They look forward to going out, therefore you don’t need to force them to leave the indoors! You could choose anything, from a climbing frame to swings! Nonetheless, protect the play space from adverse weather by investing in playground shades. This will also give extra protection to children so they can carry on playing even if it starts to rain. 

Adults Can Play Too!

Play does not just have to be for children – adults can enjoy playing outside too! The best time to do this is when it is bright and sunny outside. 

Garden games such as Jenga, slip and slide or even outdoor twister all add a fun twist to how you use your garden. Come up with any game and have fun! 

Bring the Inside, Outside

Make your garden luxurious by connecting your interior design to the outdoors! 

This could be anything from contemporary glazed doors instead of a solid wall, or even a kitchen worktop extending into an outdoor kitchen. Another great idea is to have a unique dining space which goes straight into the garden! Get creative, it will be worth it!

How to Make the Most Out of Your Garden

Get Planting

I bet by now you know that a garden is nothing but plain and boring without plants! Why not get a variety of flowers and plants for a beautiful garden design. You could place them on a windowsill or even in pots, or anywhere else. Choose a selection of seeds which attract different species of wildlife!

Be sure to mix up the colours and shapes. Consider the weather for the plants to thrive in too. If you are feeling adventurous plant up some veggies too!

Shed some light

If you don’t already have lights in your garden, consider investing in some. Not only does light create a desirable ambience, but it also provides added safety to your garden. Select a range of string lights, lanterns, or anything else. Be sure to light it up!

Beautiful paving

Paving can transform a garden! Take time to colour and style your paving to a theme. For instance, grey or white stone laid in a random pattern will set the scene for a French country look. While black or silver paving in a regular design will form a sleek and modern scheme. You could make the most of a lovely pathway!

Create privacy

Do you find yourself with plenty of intruders peeking into your garden! Worry not, while it may be annoying, you can prevent the problem through seclusion. Try to install arches and pergolas to create a secluded seating area and cover them with climbers!

If you are looking to create the garden of your dreams, paying attention to detail is important. What colours will be your theme, which materials do you choose, which aesthetic do you go for i.e. modern, classical, roman, or a mix of two types? Whatever you choose, you can make the most of your garden in these 10 ways!

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