A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

4 Ways to Decorate a Small Bedroom

August 17, 2023

Small spaces can be the bane of any homeowner’s life. Not only are they difficult to live with, but they are notoriously bad if you want to sell your house fast, as they often put off potential buyers. However, by using clever design ideas you can help them imagine the potential of a small room. Decorating rooms with odd nooks and corners can be difficult, but here are some of the best small space storage solutions and stylish ideas for your small bedroom.

Create a focal point

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a room

Every room needs a focal point – somewhere to draw your eye when entering a room. When creating a focal point, it is important to have something eye-catching that helps to establish the room and give it some character. In small bedrooms, the focal point is more often than not the head of the bed. Amplify this with the arrangement of bold-coloured or patterned pillows. Alternatively, the window can also be used as a focal point as it is an area that automatically draws the eye. Place the bed in front of the window to create a strong double-focus point that works cohesively.


A room filled with furniture and a window

When decorating, it’s hard to resist buying items you love, even though they aren’t practical for the space. Clutter is a common faux pas that everyone falls victim to. Scale is incredibly important when decorating or designing your home. For example, a large number of people may choose a luxurious king-size bed, but in a small room, it can make the room feel cramped and even smaller than it is, take a look at small double beds to fit better within the space.

Choose a bed with a small height to ensure the ceilings don’t feel too low – important in an old-style home. Block bed frames or headboards are not ideal for small bedrooms, instead choose alternatives that are see-through, such as an iron frame. Japanese futon-style beds are also a good idea.


A bedroom with a large bed in a room

The right colour palette can accomplish an awful lot; a well-chosen wall hue can make a room feel much bigger than it is, and even keep you from getting sick. In small spaces, it is vital that you choose a colour scheme that helps to boost daylight. When creating mood boards for your room (something everyone should do), think about neutral colours such as crisp white or cream.

This allows you to maximise the space through the use of neutral colours, and you can then be bold with accessories. Even yellow is a useful colour for maximising space, and it has other benefits. According to a Travelodge survey, Britons who slept in a yellow bedroom found it stimulated the nervous system and actually aided relaxation.

Add a few punchy cushions to the bed to create the desired ‘focal point’ and coordinate with the bed linen and curtains. Although in smaller spaces, it is key to not over-dress the windows – the aim is to let in as much light as possible to create the illusion of a bigger room. A simple solution is netting and blinds, to keep light out whilst you sleep.

Storage solutions

A large bed in a room

Storage is central when styling any room, but particularly in a small bedroom. Furniture, such as drawers and wardrobes, can take up too much space and create the impression of a confined room. The key is to be as minimalist as possible, perhaps adopting a Scandinavian style to make the most of the space. Every square inch is vital. Any opportunity you see, take advantage of it and turn it into storage space. In order to cut down on bulky furniture around your room, you could consider buying an ottoman bed (lift the bed up to reveal alternative storing options) or installing a window seat with storage underneath.

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