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Four gifting principles | The preschooler edition

November 12, 2019

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Something I came across when Roo was little was the four gifting principles which can be applied for a number of different occasions. However, I feel that they come into there own at Christmas. Which is often a time when children especially are consumed with what may lay underneath the Christmas tree. Whilst receiving presents is wonderful, Christmas morning can be a little hectic and overwhelming with them ripping open gifts and moving on to the next one without thinking about the one that they have just unwrapped.

What are the four gifting principles?

The four gifting principles is a simple approach to adding things onto wishlists, however, with a little extra thought going into the items that are added. Taking a look at the item that they are wishing to add and seeing whether it falls under one of the four categories. After which thinking whether or not it is something that they will utilise or just adding it just because they can.

  • Something they want
  • Something they need
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read

The four gifting principles for a preschooler

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to share with you the four gifting principles in relation to a preschooler. Piglet will have recently turned four years old by the time Christmas comes around. She is at that wonderful age when Christmas is very exciting and understands the concept of making a wishlist. Although left to her own devices her wishlist would consist of every toy that she sees advertised. Luckily this age is also one where I can guide her into making choices based on what she likes and currently interacts with.

Something they want

Quite possibly the easiest of the four principles to add something to as technically everything on a wishlist is a want. So if it doesn’t fall into any of the other three categories and it is still something that they are expressing an interest in, then this is the category for it.

A stuffed animal on a bed

Although Piglet hasn’t expressed a wish for a dress-up rail. I know that it is something that she will love. A place to house all her dress-up clothes, accessories and her tutus (one can never have too many tutus – fact!). Enabling her to transform into Elsa, Cinderella or a doctor whenever her imagination calls. With the option to have it personalised free of charge, it means that she can point out to her siblings that it is hers and they can’t touch it (in that endearing way that siblings communicate). I can also hope that it will inspire her to keep all of her dress-up items together in one place.

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Something they need

The something they need category is always one that I struggle with. As I feel that if it is something that they truly need then we would have already purchased it. However, I tend to look at this from an item of clothing or things they use everyday point of view. There is, of course, things that everyone needs, they just might not be at the top of the purchasing list for every day. So this is where this category comes into play.

Creative minds require creative things and in Piglet’s case, she loves to draw and colour. With a hodgepodge of crayons, pencils and pens she really needs something that will enable her creative flair to run wild whenever the urge takes her. The Crayola Creative Art Box offers a range of art and drawing supplies for her to use. All kept in a handy box which will allow us to take it along with us on holidays and adventures.

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A bag of chips

Something they can wear

It’s no secret that I have a bit of a thing about pyjamas. I would happily wear them all day, every day if I could (obviously changing into clean ones each day). So you’ll completely understand my love of giving new pyjamas for birthday’s and Christmas – can you ever have too many pyjamas??.

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To add into the ‘oh Mum bought me pyjamas again’, I have an ace up my sleeve- personalised children’s pyjamas. So whilst I am still giving them the new pyjamas that I feel they need in their lives. They are receiving an extra special pair as they are emblazoned with their name – which always makes things so much more exciting. Plus, personalisation is free at Studio, not only on pyjamas but on a whole range of items.

In Piglet’s case, I’ve selected a pair of shortie pyjamas for her as she tends to prefer these to long-sleeved versions. Partnered with her supersoft dressing gown (again personalised free of charge) that I got her earlier in the year, it will make for a snuggly bedtime throughout the year.

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Something they can read

Piglet is just starting her reading journey, with her at the stage where she is happy to listen to us tell her stories. As well as look at the accompanying pictures within the book we are reading at the time. The year ahead will see her start learning phonics at preschool, eventually moving on to basic CVC words. This Christmas a phonics book would have been the obvious choice for her. However, maybe something that she quickly outgrows and is left sitting on the bookshelf.

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Looking for something with a little more longevity I have opted for the Personalised Disney Princess Ultimate Collection Book. One that can be enjoyed together now, before she learns to read and enjoy discovering the stories for herself as time goes by. Filled with an array of Disney Princess stories, she can decide which one she is wishing to follow each day. As well as discovering the beautiful illustrations throughout the book, I think that this is going to be one that will be pulled off the bookshelf time and time again.

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Try the four gifting principles for yourself

So when it comes to making Christmas lists this year, maybe add the four prompts of something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Whilst they can add more than one item under each category, it might help them think more about what they are asking for and the reasons why. Rather than just adding it because it looks pretty, or their friend has one etc.

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