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What the Forever Home Concept Means and Why It Matters

June 21, 2023


No matter why you move, though, you might eventually seek a “forever home.” You may not know this term yet, but we’ll discuss it now.

On average, humans move about once every seven years. You might move from one apartment to another. Maybe you’re moving from an apartment into a house for the first time if you can afford one. Perhaps you’ll also make the jump from city to city or state to state. You might do that because you’re moving in with a significant other, or perhaps you have a job opportunity.

What Does Forever Home Mean?

A forever home means one you live in for much longer than that average of seven years. Usually, it doesn’t mean literally forever. The term generally means a home where you’ll put down roots and stay for decades rather than moving on after a few years elapse.

You might find your own forever home, or you may build one if you have enough money. You can contact a London home builder if you like the area, or you may settle somewhere else.

Let’s discuss why you might want a forever home rather than continually moving around.

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A Forever Home’s Appeal

Some people have wanderlust. They might like moving around from city to city and state to state. They’ll enjoy living in different places and meeting new people. They may hold down various jobs because they like diverse working environments.

However, even if you experience wanderlust when you’re younger, a time might come when you feel you should settle down and remain sedentary for a while. You may not like uprooting yourself and moving because it’s a pain every time you do it.

That’s when you might start considering a forever home. You may feel you should find a place where you can stay in the same house as the decades pass and raise a family.

If you want kids, you can stay in a forever home and provide them with some stability and dependability. If you’re not moving around all the time, your kids can make friends who live nearby. They might enjoy some lifelong friendships this way.

Other Reasons Why You May Want a Forever Home

You can have friends nearby as well if you settle in one place. You and the individuals and families around you might grow older together. You’ll share some of the same experiences and have a long-lasting connection.

You might find a job and hold it for decades. If you stay happy with the same company, they might promote you several times, and you’ll have job stability. That doesn’t happen as much these days, but if you find the right work situation and your company values and respects you, this situation makes sense.

If you design your own home or you move into one that has everything you feel you need, you can make that your base of operations, and you can change or improve it whenever you feel the need. If you start with a one-car garage but then become a two-car family, you can make that change. 

You might add window shutters or window boxes for flowers. Maybe you’ll plant a tree in the backyard and stay there till it grows and offers shade.

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You Can Feel Stable There

If you can find a place that feels right, you can stay there in your forever home while your life’s circumstances change. You might raise your kids there and send them off to college, but you’ll stay in that same house. You may have pets that live their whole lives there.

You can continue making the house and grounds better for you the longer you live there. With a forever home, you have pride of ownership. You’ll willingly invest money in the property because you know you’re not moving on anytime soon.

You may not stay in a forever home literally forever. Maybe when you retire, and you have an empty nest, you’ll think about moving into a condo or an assisted living facility where you’ll no longer cut the grass and pull weeds in the garden. You may want a setup with no stairs if you have sore knees and reduced mobility.

That’s years down the line, though. For now, you can enjoy your forever home, where you’ll stay and make memories that last a lifetime. Every time you see the marks on your kitchen doorframe that show how your kids grew, you’ll smile. 

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