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Do Not Make These 5 Crucial Mistakes with Your Air Conditioner

May 4, 2020

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With summertime fast approaching, the coolness of an air conditioner is all that will save you and your family from the sweltering heat. The longevity of your air conditioning system depends on your change of habits. The worst that could happen is seeing your electric bill skyrocket to a ridiculous amount. Don’t make the following mistakes with your air conditioner and you will surely save more money in the long run.

Not using the thermostat properly, or not using one at all

Setting your thermostat regularly helps your air conditioner function as effectively as possible. What’s even better is getting a programmable thermostat, which can automatically adjust the temperature depending on the time of day. Not only does it provide maximum energy efficiency, but it also saves your electricity bill for months to come.

Consider purchasing a thermostat that can be controlled using your mobile phone. That way, you can raise or lower the temperature even when you’re out at work!

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Not considering the temperature at night

Here’s a tip: Try sleeping at night with the air conditioner off. See if you find the temperature bearable. The air during the evening is naturally cooler, so consider turning the AC off and opening a window instead. Do this and watch your electric bill drop to your heart’s desire.

Not getting it serviced at least once a year

Air conditioners aren’t built to last forever. If you do know how to take care of your AC, it is sure to last for a decade. Clean your unit at least once a year. When in doubt, consult any of the hundreds of video tutorials out there.

Of course, you can always trust the professionals to provide your unit with some much-needed annual maintenance. Our staff at Green Leaf AC Repair will handle all your AC-related needs, from cleaning to installation. Why do it yourself when you can get the experts to do it for you?

Letting in too much sunlight in your room

Intense heat is your air conditioner’s worst enemy. Direct sunlight makes it work twice as hard, which is why it’s important to place the unit under a shade or in a part of your house without heat. That being said, it’s also important to avoid letting sunlight inside your room. Install new blinds or put up some curtains in front of your window. That way, your air conditioner will work to the best of its capacity.

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Saying no to getting a replacement

It goes without saying that nothing is permanent, and that includes your air conditioner. No matter how regularly you maintain it, your unit will soon experience the wear and tear that often happens to old appliances. If you keep ignoring the signs, you will surely spend more money than intended. Why not spend it on a new air conditioner instead?

Remember these potential mistakes the next time you open your air conditioner. It will surely save you from any unwanted expenses. For more tips on how to take care of your unit, reach out to us at Green Leaf AC Repair.

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