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Pest Control: The Do’s and Don’ts

March 13, 2019

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You have looked at professional pest control and compared it with doing it yourself. You are not sure what you should do. You want more information on the steps that you can take and how to go through the process. You don’t have the money to spend on professional services if you can do it your own. When doing pest control without a professional, you want to keep the following in mind for safety.

Pest control without a professional

A cat lying on a sidewalk


Prevention cannot be stressed enough. Being proactive is the best defense against pests. If you prevent the pests, you don’t have to deal with them. There are numerous ways to prevent pests.

First, make sure that there is no access for pests to find shelter, water, or a source of food in your home. Make sure that all your food is securely stored. If you throw away leftover food, make sure that the cans are covered tightly. Make sure that water is not accumulating. If you have leaks, fix them. You don’t want water to collect near the fridge or around any plants. Make sure that your pet’s food isn’t just sitting in their bowl or out in the open at night.

Remove clutter. Pests use clutter as homes. Make sure that anywhere a pest can enter your home or hide is closed off. You can caulk the baseboards, for example. You want to learn about the pests you are dealing with and the options available for addressing the problem. Choose the best option for yourself and your family. If you get a package, make sure there are no pests inside it before you bring it.

Use Pesticides the Right Way

It is critical when you are applying pesticides that you use them correctly. Not using them correctly can result in harm or damage to you or those in your home. The first and one of the most important things to remember is that you want to make sure pesticides that you don’t want pesticides around your children or pets. Second, baits and chemicals are a great defence against insects and rodents. These typically have a low risk of exposure. Still, keep them away from your kids and your pets.

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You can also find pesticides for other pests that are low-risk. If you use a pesticide that is not in a trap or in a bait, make sure that they are only applied in target locations. Do not apply them to an entire room. Make sure that you do not just assume you know how to use the product. Safety warnings and instructions are provided for a reason, use them. If you hire a pest control professional, make sure that they are reputable and know what they are doing. Only use chemicals that say they are safe to use in the home.

Some Other Tips

When doing pest control yourself, remember the following tips. These things will help ensure that you and those you love are safe. Make sure that any containers or pesticides that are not used are properly disposed of. Make sure that any chemicals designed for use outside the home are not being used in the home. Do not think it is better to use twice as many chemicals. Follow the instructions. Do not store pesticides in another container. The container that they came in is for use. Transferring the chemicals can be extremely dangerous.

A squirrel holding an animal

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