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Discovering Yourself: Did You Know That the Length of Your Fingers Reveals So Much About Your Personality?

June 16, 2020

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Married men and women wear a ring every day or most do. Others choose to put a ring on in the morning, one that may symbolize a college affiliation, a major event in their life, or some other significant occasion. Certain people opt to wear a ring simply because they like the accessory. While they may think about that ring and why they chose it, they often don’t consider the finger that it goes on. They simply slide the ring on and go about their day. Many of these men and women would be surprised to learn that the length of their fingers provides information about their personality.

Some sceptics will say the length of a person’s finger truly can’t provide information about their personality any more than a palm reader can look at a person’s hand and tell the future. However, researchers actually studied the fingers and found that certain personality traits are associated with certain finger lengths. The Oxford University Department of Experimental Psychology is one university investigating this phenomenon. So what do your fingers say about you? Read the following and get more details today.

The Science Behind Finger Length and Personality Traits

Finger ratio is the phenomenon researchers have been studying. They look at the length of the index finger when compared to the fourth or ring finger and refer to this as the 2D:4D ratio. Calculating this ratio involves dividing the length of the index finger by the length of the ring finger. This ratio provides information on testosterone exposure in the womb which in turn affects a person’s behaviour. The longer the ring finger, the stronger the male tendencies.

Personality Traits: The Length of Your Fingers Reveals So Much About Your Personality
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The Long Index Finger

Individuals with a long index finger tend to be full of confidence, although many are also introverted. These men and women are self-assured and goal-oriented, but often don’t share this information with others. They get things done and often do so by working on their own. This doesn’t mean they are slack, as they complete tasks with a lot of drive and vigour.

The problem they have is they dislike interruptions when they are doing something because they want to get things done in a timely manner. Hassles disrupt their progress and peace because they wish to achieve their goals quickly. These individuals are grateful for what they have, but they also want more from life. They rarely stop and appreciate what is around them.

Women will be glad to know that a long index finger is a sign that they are at a lower risk of developing heart disease at an early age. Sadly, they are at more risk of breast cancer, hay fever, eczema, allergies, and schizophrenia. However, these women are known for their increased fertility.

Men and women with a long index finger are even-mannered. People turn to them with they need assistance with a problem because these individuals are known for brainstorming solutions. If you fall into this category, consider a career as a motivational speaker, a politician, a writer, or a teacher. Other career options to consider include affiliate marketing and individual stock market trading.

Endurance sports are not your strength if your index finger is longer than your ring finger. This doesn’t mean you can’t participate in sports. Simply look for those that require short bursts of energy instead.

The Long Ring Finger

Smart and pleasant individuals typically have long ring fingers, and they are often described as charming by others. In fact, other people frequently state they are irresistible and talk about how beautiful or attractive they are, and they are extremely gifted when it comes to talking their way out of a difficult situation. They tend to be aggressive, but they are the person to turn to when you have a problem that needs to be solved. Men and women alike who have a long ring finger typically do better in the corporate workplace than their siblings with fingers of different lengths.

They are compassionate and often become soldiers, scientists, chief executive officers, and engineers. Additionally, they complete crossword puzzles with ease. Surprisingly, researchers found that men with a long ring finger is compared to the index finger may also be at lower risk of prostate cancer, although more research needs to be done in this area to confirm the findings. Research suggests these individuals tend to make more than their counterparts with different finger ratios as well.

However, not everything is good when it comes to men with a long ring finger as compared to their index finger. One study found that men with this finger ratio are more likely to cheat on their partners. This information was reported in the United Kingdom’s Daily Star and will likely have women going to check their significant other’s fingers to see if they are likely to remain faithful or if they will stray. However, the same holds true for women, so don’t be surprised if he checks out the length of your fingers too.

A long ring finger suggests you are good at certain tasks like math and pong. Solving a Rubik’s cube comes easy to you as do other tasks that require you to navigate a 3-D environment or predict what a shape looks like when turned.

Personality Traits: The Length of Your Fingers Reveals So Much About Your Personality
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Index and Ring Fingers of Similar Lengths

Certain individuals have ring and index fingers that are very similar in length. What does this say about these men and women? They tend to be peacemakers, stepping in to mediate a disagreement, and avoid conflict whenever possible. These people do everything possible to maintain peace. These same individuals are faithful and loyal in their relationships and are usually caring and tender when it comes to their partners. As a result, they are often trusted with the deep, dark secrets of others because people know they can be trusted to keep it to themselves.

However, they have their own dark side too. When someone tries to take advantage of them and their loyalty, their temper is unleashed and it can be nasty. As these men and women are typically well organized and have a soft side, they do well in those jobs that allow them to help others. This includes jobs in the medical sector, therapists, and social workers.

Your memory is also very good, which can be of great help in numerous situations especially when you are married to someone with a short ring or index finger who forgets everything. Nevertheless, you are more at risk of depression and anxiety, so be aware of this and contact your doctor if you develop symptoms of these common conditions. Your fingers may alert you to a problem early before it becomes serious.

People can learn a great deal about a person simply by looking at their hands. Researchers are still trying to determine the correlation between finger length and testosterone levels before birth, and they are studying other relationships as well.

Other Features and Their Impact on a Person’s Personality

The fingers aren’t alone when it comes to providing clues about an individual’s personality. Scientists have analyzed the lips using lipidology to learn more about this body feature and what it suggests about a person. For instance, women with thin lips tend to be loners, while those with plump lips are courageous and nurturing. Every person should learn more about what their lips tell others about them. The same is true of your eyebrows, as they also offer information about you.

Short eyebrows are a sign the person doesn’t handle stress well, and long eyebrows suggest the person is a hard worker who is very competitive and can handle the hard jobs. High, pointed arches are seen in those who talk rapidly and think fast. People with a low arch tend to be approachable and friendly. The same is true of your toes.

Individuals with a big toe that is much larger than the other digits are focused and creative and will look for different ways to complete a task. When the big toe is shorter than the others, focusing on one project becomes a challenge but these people are great at multi-tasking.

Personality Traits: The Length of Your Fingers Reveals So Much About Your Personality
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Who knew that various body parts could say so much about a person’s personality? Consider this the next time you go to put on jewellery or get dressed. You might be surprised at what you learn about yourself while also being amazed at how accurate these assessments tend to be.

When it comes to discovering insights about one’s personality, the search for the best personality test is an intriguing journey.By examining the connections between different body parts, these tests provide a unique perspective on personality assessment. Whether it’s analyzing the shape of your face, the length of your fingers, or the patterns of your handwriting, these tests offer intriguing insights that often leave individuals astonished by their accuracy.

Finger length is linked to exposure to testosterone in the womb. High levels of this hormone impede the growth of the index finger. This is why men tend to have a greater ratio when it comes to digits. Women are exposed to more estrogen and less testosterone during development so their digit ratio isn’t as large. In the animal world, testosterone exposure impacts adult behaviour, and researchers are now learning the same is true for humans. This is one topic that scientists will continue to study for years to come most likely, as the results obtained so far have definitely been interesting.

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