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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Life This Fall

August 26, 2019

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The coolness of fall weather is upon us, which brings a fresh crispness to the air, and the anticipated excitement of the changing seasons coming out of the warmth of summer. The recent memories of this year’s summer holiday remind you of all of your favourite things about yourself and your beautiful family.

For many, the anticipation of fall brings feelings of change from one season to the next and cosying up near the fireplace for warmth after long walks in the cool air. Consider these ideas for upgrading your life this fall:

1. Get serious and down to business on your personal goals

With a little under half the year remaining, there is still plenty of time to make good work of the goals you set for the year. While many give up a few weeks into the start of the new year, others pick up at a later time and regain momentum. Whether your goals are to read a book each week, begin a new exercise regime, declutter your home before the next round of gifts come, or make a bigger life-changing decision like changing jobs, there is still plenty of time remaining in the year to make steady and measurable progress towards bringing your dreams into goal-oriented reality. Using a simple, tried and true methodology of writing down your goals increases the likelihood of those goals being achieved. Get your favourite pen and notebook, write them down and you’ve already taken the first step!

2. Upgrade your loungewear

It’s easy to relax into an old pattern of putting on sweats that are faded, tattered with holes and socks that have seen much better days. While things brings a certain level of familiar comfort, it also brings up the fact that having a new set of loungewear for yourself can really make an improvement in how you feel when you’re relaxing at home with loved ones. Treat yourself this fall and consider starting a new era in your life, with new relaxing clothes to read, write and enjoy your precious and much appreciated recharging time at home. 

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3. Choose a focus area to spend time and energy on improving

Most of us have an area of life that is more stressful than most, and avoidance is a common response to that. However, the opposite approach, of jumping right in to address the stressful area head-on can be the most gratifying approach. There are a number of books and articles on this very topic, and the foundation of the strategy to make the most headway is simply to jump right into it. If it’s a long put off the project, or a pile of laundry to be put away, or an uncomfortable conversation that needs to happen, whatever it is, the best use of the focused energy you can take is to start with the first step. Make a plan, do your research on the topic, and begin with taking action. The rest will follow, and you will soon feel so accomplished and gain momentum with each step of progress towards improving the stressful situation.

What areas of your life can you improve from stressful to enjoyable with these ideas? Whatever you choose, you will thank yourself in the coming months for taking proactive ownership in the quality of your life, starting the fall season off in a great spirit.

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