Fashion for Winter Guide: Kid's Edition

Fashion for Winter Guide: Kid’s Edition

December 24, 2021

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The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping. This can only mean one thing: It’s almost winter!

As the chilliest season ramps up, are you ready to dress your whole family in the warmest and most fashionable pieces? While there are plenty of options online and in the store, it’s easy to focus primarily on adult-sized ensembles. However, your little ones can still embrace fashion for winter!

Today, we’re sharing some of the trendiest cold-weather styles that are appropriate and comfy for even the tiniest members of your brood! 

Bright and Bold Geometric Sweaters

Forget neutral cosies and understated flannels. This year is all about the bright, eye-catching graphics that perfectly capture the fun and carefree nature of childhood. 

From intricate geometric designs to simple stripes and polka-dots, you’ll have a variety of styles to choose from. Many child-centric retailers are embracing this trend, making it available in sizes from toddler to big kid. To keep the look balanced, pair these tops with solid-coloured bottoms.

You can’t go wrong with a great pair of jeans, but do your little ones prefer something a little more soft? If so, then check out snuggly, fleece-lined leggings, sweatpants, and other types of athleisurewear. 

Patched-Up Basics

Looking for a unique way to dress up even the simplest winter styles for kids? Take a cue from fashion powerhouses and look for patchwork pieces!

From sweaters and blouses to skirts and outerwear, you’ll find many pieces that are purposefully designed to resemble your grandmother’s favourite quilt. While there’s always been a place for patched jeans, the look has expanded into almost every facet of your child’s wardrobe.

Some brands are taking it a step further and adding a little bit of shimmer to their patched-together items. Look for hints of gold, silver, and bronze for fancy, event-ready pieces that are sure to be in heavy rotation in their closet. 

Fashion for Winter Guide: Kid's Edition

Ruffled Sleeves

Who says kids’ winter clothes have to be stuffy? We’re loving the delicate touches that many designers are embracing this season. Arguably nowhere is this more evident than in the puffy, balloon-style sleeves on many feminine pieces. 

Not only are these girly touches ideal for glamorous holiday events, but they’re also versatile enough for everyday wear. Your tots can pair their puffy sleeves with leggings or jeans for a dressed-down look that’s just as sweet. 

Colourblocked Outerwear

Years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone under the age of 10 who wasn’t rocking a brightly-hued windbreaker as soon as the first frost came on the lawn. Today, those nineties trends are making a major comeback, and outwear is happily following suit.

Yet, 2021 brings a definite upgrade, and those wrinkled versions of yesterday have been upgraded to plush knitwear that’s decidedly grown-up. While you could hear those older models coming from a mile away, these designs are much softer and cuddlier. 

They’re also showcasing a new trend in winter fashion: colourblocking!

Look for fluffy, zippered jackets and fleece coats that feature every colour of the rainbow, in soft neutrals that are more gorgeous and less glaring. Many are lightweight enough for all-day wear and sure to make them the coolest kids in school.

Black-and-White Polka Dots

There’s no denying that Disney’s “Cruella” was a massive box-office hit this year. Whether the movie is behind the recent polka-dot trend or not, we can’t say for certain.

Still, one thing is true. Black and white is making a major statement this season, and polka dots are reminiscent of dalmations. Thus, it’s easy to see why two-toned polka prints are popping up on everything from winter scarves to soft sweatshirts. 

You can even find spotted sneakers in kids’ and adult sizes, so everyone in the family can join in on the fun. 

Vintage-Inspired Mom Jeans

Most of the time, we’d have a strict rule against dressing babies in denim. It can be scratchy and uncomfortable, and there are few things sweeter than baby leggings!

However, we’ll have to make an exception for this next winter fashion idea: kid-sized mom jeans! Every bit as soft, loose, and relaxed as their adult-sized counterparts, these jeans have us throwing out every pair of skinny jeans that ever graced our closets. 

An added benefit? Most pairs also feature child-friendly elastic waistbands, which are easy for little hands to manoeuvre. The baggy legs also offer plenty of room to run and play, so they’ll never want to take them off. 

Fashion for Winter Guide: Kid's Edition

Plaid Winterwear

Calling all mini Cher Horowitz fashionistas! This year, we’re loving the resurgence of everything plaid, especially the mustard yellow and black pieces that are hitting the children’s fashion runways around the world. 

While grunge is back in full force, it takes a sweet and precious twist for the littlest ones. Look for rainjackets, cardigans, and flats decked out in plaid designs, as well as adorable miniskirts that would look perfect on top of solid leggings. 


We’re calling it now: Shackets will be the winter trend of 2021, and it’s not just a look that adults can rock. Blending the words “shirt” and “jacket”, these pieces are essentially long sweaters. However, they’re slightly thicker than that lightweight cotton shawl you’ve had draped over your office chair for years. 

Their shape and length are perfect for children, and they’re not as bulky as a winter coat. They’ll reach for their favourite shacket whenever it’s time to hit the playground or the park, and won’t have to think twice about throwing it on over their school clothes. 

Tie-Dye Separates

Were you one of the thousands of people who took up tie-dying during quarantine? This is another nineties trend that we’re more than happy to embrace. Tie-dye hoodies are a particular favourite, and available in a range of hues from black-and-grey neutrals to eclectic rainbow-inspired patterns. 

Your kids will love the fun colours and designs that tie-dyed pieces can offer. You can even find leggings and sweatsuits with the psychedelic feature. If you’re bored at home on a snow day, why not make your own tie-dye outfits? Simply purchase a few solid-coloured pieces and follow these simple instructions!

Winter-Inspired Jewelry

We couldn’t issue a complete list of winter styles for kids without mentioning a few of our new favourite accessories. Let’s start with kid-friendly jewellery that can dress up any outfit. 

The best pieces in this category are made of sterling silver and 14k gold, designed to minimize any risk of skin allergies. While many retailers can offer a vast selection of designs, start by considering your child’s interests. If they love puppies, then look for cute sterling silver puppy studs!

You can also find earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that are specially made to accent their tiny features. Make sure the kid’s jewelry you purchase is high-quality and crafted to last. This way, you can rest assured that you’ll get plenty of return on your investment. 

Fashion for Winter Guide: Kid's Edition

Character Hats

As much as parents everywhere might wish otherwise, it appears that character hats are here to stay. These simply winter toboggans designed to look like beloved cartoon characters, from Mickey Mouse to Chase from Paw Patrol. Many hats will include extra, three-dimensional features, such as oversized ears or a pom-pom nose. 

While you can find ready-made commercial sets at almost every big box store in town, consider shopping local this year. Many crafters can crochet character hats to your exact size and preference. Ask around in your local community to see if anyone is offering such a service, and surprise your littles with the hats they really want this season. 

Scarves and Mittens

While it’s easy to remember to pack your child’s winter coat and cap, you may forget about other accessories, like scarves and mittens! While patterned sets are usually a popular gift, we recommend mixing it up a little! This winter, embrace your eccentric side and encourage your whole crew to do the same. 

Instead of going too matchy-matchy, look for pieces that complement one another without being exact replicas. For instance, a pair of plum mittens would look gorgeous with a dark red scarf, while a lemon-coloured scarf would pop beside a pair of lime green mittens. 

Fabric-wise, ditch the scratchy wool when you’re shopping for little ones. While it might be thick and warm, it can irritate their sensitive skin. Instead, stick with all-cotton varieties, which are both soft and lightweight. 

Find the Latest Fashion For Winter

Whether they’re headed to preschool or middle school, your babies deserve to be dressed well this winter. One upside of investing in premium-quality baby clothes is that you can hold onto heirloom pieces for years to come.

Now that we’ve covered some of the hottest fashion for winter, are you ready to start shopping? If your child is old enough, bring them along on your adventures so they can help choose pieces they adore.

In the meantime, we’ve got you covered with all of the fashion and entertainment news you need. Check back often for more informative guides!

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