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Could A Digital Media Career Be Your Bag? The Options To Consider

July 18, 2023

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When you are at school, many people have no idea what they really want to do in terms of a career. Some people are blessed with having a direction and also a job or career they want to pursue, but for other people, the idea of knowing what job they want for a huge chunk of their lives is just something that cannot be decided straight away. This is why so many people go on to stay in education, perhaps just studying something of interest, or even taking on a job and just sticking with it for some time. Where you may end up working through the ranks. 

The main thing is as a career, gone are the days that you need to stick with traditional options. The chef, the fireman, the pilot, the salesperson. There is now a whole new remit of jobs that you can consider these days, a job in the digital media area. Whether you work for companies in this sort of thing or decide to create something yourself, there are now more options than ever when it comes to these sorts of careers. With that in mind, here are some of the most popular digital media careers that you could consider yourself. 

Digital Media Career Options

unrecognizable lady using laptop in workspace - Could A Digital Media Career Be Your Bag? The Options To Consider

Become a blogger

One of the biggest options when it comes to a career in the digital world these days is to become a blogger. Years ago, people weren’t even sure what a blog was, let alone made a career and business out of it, but actually, nowadays people are so much more aware of blogging and it can actually become a fully-fledged career.

For many, having a blog starts off as a hobby. But if you work hard on it, you can easily get to the stage where you can start monetising your blog and making some great money. If you are unsure how to get started, there are some great articles online that can help you create a blog and make some changes and decisions to help you take it in the right direction. Linking the blog to social media channels is a great way to gain exposure and grow your audience. 

Share insights through vlogging

Blogging is one thing, but if you find that writing your thoughts isn’t necessarily your thing, but being in front of the camera and talking is, then you may want to try and start a YouTube channel instead and share your insights and thoughts through vlogging. Again, something that has only in the last few years become a fully-fledged career and business for so many, it could definitely be the way forward for you.

Not only could you sit down and talk about things, but you could also create videos that are an insight into your life. People are always interested in reality TV-style footage, and this could be a great way to add diversity to your content. 

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Create your own music and share it

Maybe you are more about creating music, than creating articles and sharing your words, and yet now, it isn’t as hard to get noticed with music as it would have been years ago. It could be that you write and create your own tracks, and using platforms like SoundCloud can help you share them and get noticed. Creating a following just like you would on social media. Different platforms could help you extend your reach. 

Start a podcast

You may not enjoy the writing, and perhaps you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, but you still have something to say? Then creating a podcast could be another way that you create a digital media career. A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast, and people use them as a chance to share wisdom and tips, or even things like interviewing people and getting guest presenters on there.

Podcasts are very much a newer thing that people are delving into, and it tends to be something that they do alongside an already existing blog or social media presence. But it is also something that you can start with just that one goal in mind, and you can get started relatively easily thanks to some tips and tricks shared online. 

laptop and mic on tripod in studio before recording vlog - Digital Media Career Options

Social media manager

Now that social media has become such a huge part of our lives, there is no surprise that businesses need social media as a way of marketing and advertising their products and services. There is no hiding the fact that it can take time, effort, and thought to create decent social media content. Alongside that, you also need to be consistent and engage with your audience in order for your business to stick within the algorithms that many of these platforms have put in place. Which is why there is now such a demand for a social media manager.

This has become a fully flexed job for many companies and individuals alike, as you can spend your time not only just creating the content but coming up with a social media strategy to help the business thrive in a very saturated market. 

A social media influencer

Finally, there has already been a mention of social media in terms of managing it for other people and having it alongside things like blogs or podcasts, but what about making social media your job in a totally different way? Just like a blog, people are using platforms like Instagram to share insights into their lives, thoughts, and feelings. Without the need to have it on a blog itself.

Creating a following means that brands and companies may want to work with you so that they can get their products and services photographed with you in your feed. Being a social media influencer has fast become a job, and all you need to do is share great content and build up an organic audience. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you with some of the ways that you can
create a digital media career for yourself.

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