How Junior Bridesmaids Should Choose the Best Wedding Dress

How Junior Bridesmaids Should Choose the Best Wedding Dress

January 21, 2022

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Today’s junior bridesmaids are faced with a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding what they should wear to the wedding. While an older generation of junior bridesmaids was able to wear their mothers’ gowns, today’s juniors have a wide variety of options from which to choose. Junior bridesmaid dresses come in a wide range of styles and colours, as there is no standard dress code for the role.

Factors to be considered when choosing dresses for junior bridesmaids

If the wedding is more formal, the dresses could all be styled in the same way. While having matching outfits can give an appearance of unity among members of the bridal party, most guests prefer seeing this group looking unique and allowing each person to find a dress that fits their taste. Junior bridesmaids should consider factors when choosing the best dress for the wedding.

How Junior Bridesmaids Should Choose the Best Wedding Dress


The dress’s colour can be an essential factor, as many wedding features (like bridal gowns and flowers) may be in the same tone. Therefore, from the wide range of wedding dress colours offered by reputable wedding dress stores like Cicinia UK, you can pick a theme-matching colour.


Younger junior bridesmaids should look for dresses that match only slightly so they don’t feel overshadowed by their older counterparts. If you are looking for a more formal wedding, it may be wise to choose the same colour, so you look like members of a cohesive unit.


Junior bridesmaid dresses are often made with taffeta, silk, or satin. These fabrics can give you an elegant look with excellent movement and are perfect for dancing at the reception. Fabric must be breathable so that junior bridesmaids will stay relaxed and comfortable.

Heel Height

Many junior bridesmaid dresses are designed for the bridesmaids to be barefoot. However, some dresses may require wearing heels rather than sandals or flats. It would help if you chose a heel height that matches your comfort level as well as the dress itself. If it is possible, try on the shoes with the dress before deciding whether to buy them or not.


The style of dress does not have to match that of the bride’s gown or bridal party’s dresses but should compliment them in some way (choose similarly coloured styles). Junior bridesmaids will be able to go wild with their sense of style when choosing dresses for this role if they feel comfortable doing so (choose differently coloured styles). This can be a great way of showing individuality while still appearing like part of the wedding party.

How Junior Bridesmaids Should Choose the Best Wedding Dress


Junior bridesmaid dresses often come in floor-length, but shorter styles are available for girls who want to look like members of the wedding party without feeling overwhelmed by their dress (choose similar length). There may be times when comfort is more important than looks (choose longer length). For example, suppose you have to stand during the ceremony or get hot at the outdoor reception. In that case, you’ll appreciate wearing something loose and comfortable instead of a constricting gown that’s not made for activity.


The price range of junior bridesmaid dresses starts low and goes high. You can find something affordable for the wedding you are in without looking cheap. Look for sales, coupons, and special offers to find a great deal on your dress. If you choose a slightly more expensive dress, ask about having it sent to you in instalments so that reasonable monthly payments can be made instead of spending an entire paycheck at once.


Junior bridesmaids are often sized according to the average age of the party, but this is not always true. Find out what size range they are using when choosing dresses before purchasing (choose similar sizes). This will ensure that all bridal party members have dresses that fit well and don’t need alterations or too much steaming after receiving them (choose size ranges). You’ll be able to choose the best dress for your body type instead of feeling like you need to break the bank or go through several rounds of alterations on a more expensive dress.


When choosing a dress for the junior bridesmaid role in your friend’s wedding, keep several factors in mind so you’ll look your best. Knowing your body type, size range and price range can help you choose between dresses quickly and easily.

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