Family Road Trip Advice: Making The Most Of The UK Staycation

Family Road Trip Advice: Making The Most Of The UK Staycation

May 29, 2021

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When it comes to travelling, there are so many different options that you can consider. You have the ideal chance to see somewhere different, but yet so many people will travel somewhere and then stay close to a resort or within the location, they have chosen. Now more than ever we crave the chance to travel and we won’t take it for granted again. Travel is on the cards for later this year so you may be wondering what best to make the most of the time you could have away. This is when a family road trip could be the ideal option to consider. 

This past year has meant that many of us were unable to jump on a plane and see new places, and while it is possible to do that now, and is certainly possible towards the end of the year, many people are considering a staycation. Having realised that this country has a lot to offer, and rediscovering their local areas, it might have made you enthusiastic to explore further afield.

But a family road trip can be difficult, after all, the family, in a confined space, for any length of time is bound to cause problems, right? Wrong! With that in mind, here are some of the ways you can make the most of the UK staycation this year and embrace the family road trip. 

The reasons why a family road trip could be a good thing this year

There are many reasons why a family road trip will suit your family’s needs and could be the ideal option for your holiday this year. Here are some of them. 

Family Road Trip Advice: Making The Most Of The UK Staycation

You have more space for all of your things

A road trip means that you can essentially pack up the boot with everything you need. It can also be a great way to have the flexibility for your holiday, such as day trips out. Going on a road trip allows you to take up things that perhaps you couldn’t fit in a carry-on. Maybe you want to take your tripod for your camera so you can capture amazing shots or video footage. The boot allows you to take all of those things you might struggle to do on a plane. 

You get to see some wonderful sights from the road

On a road trip, you can plan it so you specifically take certain routes to your end destination. With a bit of research, you are bound to find things to do and other places to see along the way. It could really help add to your holiday and allow you to cover more ground and explore some places you may not ordinarily get to. 

It can make traveling much easier and less stressful

If you tend to be a bit of a worrier, then getting on a plane, making flight times, and perhaps changeovers can often mean that you are stressed before you get away. A car and road trip could be an easier and stress-free way to travel as you can take it at your own pace. You could then factor in as many breaks as you think are needed to help you start off your holiday just the way you are meant to. 

It is more affordable than you think

A road trip could be an affordable holiday option. It gives you the chance to see different places and take up accommodation such as camping or local Airbnb’s. It also gives you greater flexibility to do things during your holiday that you may not do normally. 

The essential advice to make the most out of your road trip

Deciding on a road trip might be exciting, but you also want to ensure that you can make the most of this flexible option. From packing tips to staying sane on the road, here is some essential advice. 

Family Road Trip Advice: Making The Most Of The UK Staycation

Packing up the car

Packing up the car is a lot harder than you might think. As you don’t have a strict luggage allowance to stick to, it might mean that you go in the opposite direction and end up taking too many things. You do still need to think about the space. A family road trip might mean that you need to think about other items like waterproof clothing or even bedding for your accommodation. Pack strategically, and instead of using cases, use soft bags so that you can make use of even tight and small spaces. Also, make sure that you use space such as underneath the seats as this is often an underutilised area when packing. 

Road trip games and activities for kids 

You should also think about occupying the family while in the car. Researching games in advance means you will always have something as a backup when boredom strikes. You can also print out activities such as road trip bingo where they spot things on the route, or even colouring and crafting they can do in the car. Creating fun binders with quizzes and activities will keep them occupied for hours. 

Plan your route 

Make sure you plan your route as best you can. Within the route look at places you can stop on the way, things you can do and see, and attractions worthy of a visit. You should also plan plenty of rest breaks into the route, where you can eat, drink, and use the toilet. This avoids any unwanted moans and groans. The route is part of the fun of a road trip, so whether you are driving to one destination or using the road trip as part of your holiday, make the most of the journey time you have. You will see and experience so much. 

Share the driving 

Finally, try and share the driving if possible. If the journey is particularly long it can get tedious to always be the one driving. Sharing the driving can also mean you get a break from being the one that has to occupy the children. It shares the load and helps everyone to enjoy the trip. 

Let’s hope these tips and advice will help you to make the most of a family road trip and a UK staycation. 

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