How to Tell Genuine Designer Clothing From Fakes

How to Tell Genuine Designer Clothing From Fakes

May 31, 2023


We all love to have a few staple pieces in our wardrobes that are designer because we’ll know we’ll get good use out of them, which is an investment in the long run. But with so many potential counterfeit garments and products on the market, how can you spot which one is the real deal?

To learn more about spotting genuine designer garments, keep reading below.

Ways to spot genuine designer clothing

How to Tell Genuine Designer Clothing From Fakes

Fabric quality

It can be hard to know what to look for when trying to distinguish between a genuine designer piece and a counterfeit one, but the next time you’re out looking for womens designer dresses, it’s worth taking a close look at the quality of the fabric.

Even if you’re no expert in quality control within fabrics, designer pieces are made from high-quality materials that feel sturdy and made to last. The fabric’s feel will also indicate that it is of good quality; it won’t feel thin or flimsy or like something that will come apart quickly.

Another great way to check whether or not the fabric is genuine is just by having a quick look online for specific brands to see what sorts of materials they usually work with. This is often very proudly shared on major brand websites, so you won’t have to look too hard. The chances are that some particular fabrics are shared across their pieces, which may be a good indicator to look out for. 

It’s in the details

At first glance, many counterfeit products look exactly like the original, but we find that it is the small details and final touches usually give it away as fake. On the other hand, those are also the things that can help you spot a genuine designer article, so it works both ways.

Buttons, stitchings, and zippers are just a few of the finishes that should have high-quality details and indicate that a garment is a genuine article.

The zippers, for instance, usually have the designer logo engraved on them, or you might find that they are engraved with YKK. The actual zips themselves are smooth to use, and the buttons are usually of high-quality material and are sewn on securely. The stitching is typically neat and even, without any loose threads or frayed edges. Issues that are commonly found in counterfeit pieces.

Often, even counterfeit pieces will look as though the logo is on correctly. Still, upon closer inspection, the details differ from the real brand logo. Look out for elements such as letters being the wrong way round or a slightly different, or even older, design. 

How to Tell Genuine Designer Clothing From Fakes

Packaging and prices

Designer packaging, and the selling price, can also show you whether or not it is genuine. Designer clothing is more expensive than other, less exclusive clothing, so if you’re surprised by how low the price of something is — and it seems too good to be true — the chances are that it probably is, and you’re being sold a counterfeit item.

The packaging of designer pieces is also usually quite luxurious and high-quality. Items will often come in a dust box or a dust bag with the designer logo on it, for example. Even your receipt may come packaged in a designer logo-printed card holder — for purchasers of designer goods, these details matter the most.

Authenticate your retailer

If you aren’t purchasing from the designer store or website directly, we’d recommend purchasing from high-end department stores or department store boutiques, as those always sell genuine pieces. More stores are starting to require RFID tags that indicate genuine designer garments, so you’ll have that extra peace of mind.

Websites for these same boutiques are often available for you online, so we would stick to official retailers and not individual sellers unless they can prove the piece’s authenticity.

It is crucial to do your research either by talking to those who have purchased designer clothing or by searching the brand’s website. You should be able to see what the product looks like, which fabrics the item should be made out of, the authentic color of it, and much more.


Although it may seem daunting to try and distinguish counterfeit from genuine designer clothes, with the right amount of research beforehand and by paying attention to small details, you can spot genuine designer clothes from a mile away. Being able to enjoy luxurious designer clothes is something you should be able to experience, as well as having peace of mind that it is genuine so that you can create staple pieces for your wardrobes for the year to come!

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