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There and back again a family trip to Paultons park

July 6, 2019

This is a gifted partnership with Paultons Park

When it comes to family adventures something we have tried to instil in the children is the philosophy that its as much about the journey as it is about the destination. With this in mind, I love the idea of documenting our recent trip to Paultons Park via Instagram Stories. A chance to highlight the highs and low of family travel. Just like life we hit a few speed bumps along the way – namely traffic from everyone looking to make the most of a beautiful weekend as well as roadworks. Take a look at our there and back again a family trip to Paultons Park.

Pre-travel planning

Ahead of any trip away with the children, I like to make sure that I’m prepared as much as possible in advance. These are the things I like to make sure I’ve completed ahead of time.

  • Car Checks – Checking the car over, tyres, oil and water levels, ensuring we have enough diesel etc.
  • Picnic Planning – We tend to pack a picnic to take with us on days out. Both for cost reasons but also the convenience of munching as we go (plus it’s very helpful to have food in the car if you are delayed etc.).
  • Day Out Essentials – A backpack filled with wipes, spare clothes, camera, suncream applicator etc. As well as an additional bag for the children’s swimwear and towels for splash areas.

Travel Activities

Ahead of our recent trip to Paultons Park they very kindly sent us a box of amazing travel activities for the children. Take a look at my video below to see what was included.

Alongside these, we also enjoyed some of our family favourite car games. Including yellow car no returns, the classic i-spy and carpool karaoke.

Time to set off

As it came time to set off bright and early the children were really excited to a) received a little activity bags each ahead of us getting in the car and b) excited to find out where we were headed, as I usually let them work it out en route as they see signposts along the way.

With the Sat Nav switched on and the route planned it was time to select a playlist on Spotify and start our journey to Paultons Park. The first segment of the journey seemed to go quite smoothly, Getting out of East Anglia always feels so long, however, as soon as the signs for London appear you feel like you are finding getting somewhere. The children were happily occupied with the fun games from Milly & Flynn, John Adams and Brainbox. Whilst keeping hydrated with their fabulous personalised water bottles from Its Your Story.

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It’s all going a little wrong

As we approached the M25 we started to see lots of hold-ups appearing on our Sat Nav timeline. this is when it started to go a little wrong. Hoping to miss the travel northbound we opted to southbound via the Queen Elizabeth bridge. I’m not sure if this decision worked in our favour as we soon hit delays southbound too. The roads full of cars and travellers all looking to make the best of the beautiful weather.

As we were stuck in slow-moving traffic I thought that this would be a good time to bring out the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition tablet. However, I had a mummy fail moment when I realised that I had left it on charge at home after downloading episodes and books on to it the night before. Thankfully, the children were still engrossed in their travel bags, especially Piglet’s personalised A-Z book from It’s Your Story and the beautiful colouring packs from My Little World.

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We’ve finally made it!

With not a cloud in the sky above Paultons Park, we arrived finally after over 5 hours in the car! It might not have been the easiest journey but well worth it to see the children’s faces as we walked to the entrance.

A quick pit stop for the toilet and to lather up in suncream – certainly needed as it was a scorcher of a day. I’d packed the children’s swim things for the splash areas around the park. However, we were so busy having fun on the rides that we never got a chance to do this – which was a shame as everyone else looked like they were having a great time cooling off under the sprinklers etc.

Time to explore Paultons Park

There is an amazing variety of things to see and do at Paultons including; big rides, small rides, play areas, entertainments and an astonishing collection of animals and birds, all set within 140 acres of beautiful parkland on the edge of the New Forest National Park.

Peppa Pig world

Once inside the park, Piglet and I headed off toward Peppa Pig World. At three years old Piglet is very much aware of Peppa Pig (or ‘Eppa Pig’ as she fondly calls her), her family and her friends. So she was eager to go and say hello to them all. After being in the car for so long, it seemed only fair that I took her over there first.

With twelve themed rides to chose from her eyes were wide with the anticipation of the fun, she was about to enjoy. The next few hours passed by in a blur of giggles, sunshine and taking in as many rides as possible. Even managing to get me onto Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight which given that I don’t really like heights was a miracle in itself. Mr Boo usually does these types of rides but he was at the other side of the park with Roo and Tigger.

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Paultons Park

Whilst Piglet and I were enjoying all that Peppa Pig World had to offer. Mr Boo took Roo and Tigger over to the bigger thrill rides within the main Paultons Park. Given what a glorious day it was I was not surprised to see that they had headed straight for the water rides. The Raging River Ride christening them to the theme park. Swiftly followed by the Edge and the Cobra rides.

Over the past year or so Tigger has found his adventurous side which both Roo and Mr Boo share. Whilst I’m more of a gently rider or bag carrier, he is now eager to get on the thrill rides with them. Looking at Piglet, I have a feeling she will want to be joining them on the bigger rides as soon as she is big enough.

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PJ Masks

During certain weekends throughout the year, Paultons Park welcomes guest appearances from other cartoon favourites. On our visit, they had the PJ Maks within the park. Completing meet and greets as well as shows throughout the day. Although we missed out on seeing their show we did manage a meet and greet with them. Piglet was happy to wave from afar, however, needed a little extra love from Roo in order to have a photo with them. But they were really accommodating and weren’t phased by her wobble.

There was also a little PJ Masks pop up shop full of toys, gifts and little accessories at the end in case you wanted to purchase anything.

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Lost kingdom

After meeting the PJ Masks we headed round to the Lost Kingdom. An area of Paultons Park that we have seen transform over the few visits we have made over the years. A wonderful interactive area with dinosaurs to spot, sounds of roars coming through the undergrowth. As well as a live show which is on at different times throughout the day.

Home to a mix of rides for the whole family to enjoy, The Dinosaur Tour Company was a favourite for us all – and we managed to miss getting splashed! Whilst the Flight of the Pterosaur was Roo and Tigger’s favourite. Mr Boo did take Piglet onto the Dino Chase – which she wasn’t too sure of and spent the next hour telling us about ‘naughty Daddy’.

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Critter creek

We finished our day in Critter Creek, a bright and colourful area with lots of funny critters within the hedgerows. Making the most of the warm afternoon sun on Cat-O-Pillar and the Expedition Express. We hadn’t noticed the time flying by so were quite surprised when we heard it was time for the last rides. Although it did mean that we made the most of our day within Paultons Park.

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It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later

With the rides closed for the day, it was time to head back to the main entrance and to the car. A chance to use the facilities one last time and take a peek inside their bright and colourful gift shop – which houses so many different cartoon characters.

Returning to our car it was time to start our journey home, however, instead of saying goodbye, we decided that see you later was more fitting – as we need to come back soon to enjoy all the things we missed as well as revisit our favourite rides.

Thankfully it was a quiet journey home, not least because the children fell asleep almost immediately. A long journey, a long day, but we’d happily do it all over again.

See you soon Paultons Park!

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